Primary, early childhood and education studies

This research strand has been created and was borne out of the professional practice and action research carried out by members of the Department of Education and Childhood. It reflects on what happens in education and this, in turn, feeds back into the way Department of Education and Childhood staff teach on the various programmes. We run research seminars and some of the research has received national press coverage.

We are working on an international perspective and are looking at ways of opening up international dialogue. This includes investigating opportunities for our academics to work collaboratively with their European colleagues.

Examples of current research:

  • The role of learning support assistants in supporting literacy teaching.
  • Are there special ways of teaching in early education settings and primary schools?
  • Gender and primary education.
  • Children’s voices.
  • How do we talk to children and what does that mean for their learning?
  • Teaching and learning in religious education.
  • Children with special educational needs – do they get their just desserts?
  • Multiple literacies.
  • Citizenship in education.
  • Men in primary schools.

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