Initial Teacher Training Professional Resource Network (IPRN) Behaviour Evaluation (2003-2009)

Contact: John Dwyfor Davies

Sponsor: Training and Development Agency (TDA)

Behaviour for learning (B4L) is a web-based resource for teacher educators that has been developed by a consortium of ten teacher training providers, each with a corresponding LEA partner. The network represents national coverage, its work being organised around ten regional clusters. The general principle of the consortium is that effective management of pupil behaviour is key to raising achievement, developing education inclusion, raising attendance, enhancing generic classroom based skill of NQTs and securing potential stress-reduction and retention with the profession. It is funded by the TDA.

Behaviour for learning emphasises the crucial link between the way in which children and young people learn and their social knowledge and behaviour. In doing this, the focus is upon establishing positive relationships across three elements of self, others and curriculum. B4L has implications for pupils, teachers, parents and other professionals. Its principles can be applied to all children at any age and not just those perceived as being "difficult to manage". It applies as much to teachers and their relationship with children as much as it applies to the children themselves. All the resource materials that are available on the website are produced or edited by the core members to reflect the above principles and can be accessed by tutors, students, mentors and others involved in supporting teacher trainees.

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