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Research within the Department of Education and Childhood at UWE Bristol operates within a broad concept of lifelong learning. 

Research in lifelong learning

In keeping with the definitions of the European Union and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), research in lifelong learning at UWE Bristol includes learning processes throughout life, and learning that takes place both within and beyond formal educational structures. The principal learners are pupils, students, professional educators, leaders and organisations, and the sites for learning include schools, colleges, universities, homes, workplaces, organisations and communities.

This broad conception of lifelong learning underpinned the formation of a Lifelong Learning Research Group in 2002, now an established research centre of the University, Bristol Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning and Education (BRILLE). The Centre is an ‘umbrella’ for bringing together and supporting a range of research across the Department of Education and Childhood. A breadth of specific substantive topics is balanced by a high degree of synergy in methodology and underpinning values, such as a collective desire to promote democracy, a strong sense of ethics and the pursuit of social justice.


Listed below are the main research areas in the Department of Education and Childhood.


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