Education Resource Centre (ERC)

The ERC is an area you can come to if you wish to work individually, or in teams, and is designed to be a student-friendly location, with a relaxed atmosphere, where you can work with colleagues and also access your favourite education resources.

The ERC s team of technicians are all based on Frenchay Campus in the ERC Room 2S710 or in the Support Room 2S709 and can be contacted on +44 (0)117 32 84109. Alternatively please e-mail the technicians on:

How can the ERC  help with your studies?

Come and use our computers, printers and photocopiers, where you can also be introduced to a wide range of learning resources for education. You will find Government / education related documents, subject specialist books, as well as other media resources in the ERC .

Please note: The technicians have separate large storage areas full of resources as well, so if you cannot see what you are after in the ERC , please ask the technicians as items may be stored elsewhere.

Resources at your fingertips

In Room 2S709 we can supply a variety of paper, card, scissors, glue, pens and other stationery items to help you produce posters and assist with academic assignments. Resources for school placements can be obtained from here, plus the items you produce can be laminated or spiral bound for a small charge.

Guidance and advice for all areas of education

The technician teams who work in the ERC are available to provide:

  • Guidance and advice for your work and various projects you undertake.
  • Advise and help with your ideas, as well as demonstrating how to use various resources.
  • Provide subject specific support - you are very welcome to ask, as we always strive to give useful answers to any questions you have.

Opening times (term time)

Day Time
Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 18:00
Friday 8:30 - 16:00

Opening hours vary slightly over vacation periods, so please check first.

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