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Student mentoring at UWE Bristol

Four meetings can make a lifetime’s difference to an undergraduate from a disadvantaged background – and to your business. Mentoring is a life-changing, rewarding experience.

We are looking for special businesses – and individuals within them – to participate in our high profile UWE Mentoring Scheme. By sharing just a few hours of your time, you and your company can mentor a highly qualified, ambitious, yet often under represented undergraduate.

Why mentor with the UWE Mentoring Scheme?

  • You’ll develop your team’s mentoring skills whilst really making a difference to an undergraduate.
  • Do the right thing and meet CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) targets – a great step if your business is positive about diversity.
  • Graduates can offer a new, alternative perspective to business ideas and solutions, which can be valuable in better understanding how your business and offerings are perceived.
  • Great PR – the UWE Mentoring Scheme is a high profile scheme that’s well known locally, and has received much positive press.
  • Connect with UWE Bristol, and build relationships with staff and students.
  • Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of skills and experience, so can benefit your organisation in a number of ways.
  • Give your organisation the opportunity to inspire and educate the next generation of employees.

“I support the project as it gives the students a chance to polish their soft skills as well as networking with employers. The quality of the students I met was high. All were well prepared.”


About the UWE Mentoring Scheme

We offer mentoring to students from under-represented groups in the graduate labour market, with your help. Though mentoring, training and support, we can help them overcome some of the barriers they might face when competing for graduate jobs.

Elizabeth Dunn, a mentor from Burges Salmon said:

“As a mature student and having done my GDL and LPC at UWE Bristol, I'm very excited about being part of the mentoring scheme. Law students from non-traditional backgrounds can feel disadvantaged, so it's a great opportunity to help those students to find out more about the reality of a career in law and how to maximise their chances of getting a training contract.

"From the perspective of Burges Salmon, the firm is committed to recruiting and retaining the best people regardless of their background, and this is a good way of promoting those aims to a new generation of lawyers."

Contact us to find out more about student mentoring at UWE Bristol:

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