Case study - Cornwall Council

Bristol Business School helped the Cornwall Council to develop a bespoke coaching and mentoring course, linked to a recognised postgraduate academic qualification.

About Cornwall Council and its LTDU

Cornwall Council’s Learning, Training and Development Unit (LTDU) operates within the Directorate of Adult Care and Support, one of the five Directorates of Cornwall Council.

It designs, delivers and commissions learning and development solutions for the unitary authority’s internal adult social care workforce, supporting approximately 1,400 staff. The Unit also contributes to the learning and development needs of external private, voluntary and independent care providers, a workforce of over 11,000 in Cornwall.

LTDU’s challenge

The Unit supports social care workers to become self-directed and reflective learners through face-to-face training and e-learning as well as tailored small group and individual approaches.

The Council contacted us when members of the LTDU needed development in coaching and mentoring theory and skills.

How Bristol Business School helped

Working with Cornwall Council, Bristol Business School reviewed the  coaching and mentoring course and modified the interactive sessions to reflect the working context and culture of their organisation.

The programme was delivered in Cornwall through a three day block of teaching – an initial two days plus a day that took place six weeks later. This allowed for practice at work.

Outcomes for Cornwall Council

Participants developed expertise in coaching and mentoring to support all aspects of learning and development. This is contributing to the development of Adult Care and Support.

“Thanks to a clearer understanding of different approaches and skills, we can now offer increased support to staff at all levels within Adult Care and Support.” Course participant from Cornwall Council

Professionals within LTDU are continuing their studies at Bristol Business School towards the MSc in Coaching and Mentoring. This will enable them to provide a resource for other Directorates and external agencies.
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