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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

UWE Bristol microbiology researcher 

If your business has a strategy for growth, we can help make your ambitions a reality with a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

KTPs at a glance

  • The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships scheme is a UK-wide programme helping businesses to improve competitiveness and productivity.
  • The University provides expertise, practical backing and help to access funding.
  • A talented graduate, based full-time in your business, drives and delivers the project, with full University backing and help with supervision and management.
  • You and the graduate have weekly access to an academic or researcher with knowledge, skills and experience that is relevant to your business.
  • You will reap rewards – increased profitability, strategic growth and embedded knowledge.
  • Up to 67% of project costs can be met by the UK Government, making it very cost-effective. Businesses are fully supported by UWE Bristol’s dedicated KTP team.
  • More than 3,000 projects, lasting between six months to three years, have been successfully completed nationally.
  • Suitable for most industries and sectors, including not-for-profit organisations.

Why undertake a KTP?

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships bring expertise, graduate talent and practical backing into your team. Previous participants in the KTP scheme have seen an average increase of over £260,000* in annual profits.

You bring the ambition and strategic vision to transform your business, and UWE Bristol will provide the practical graduate support, applied knowledge and technical expertise to help you achieve your goals.

KTPs have been delivered across all sectors, for organisations of all sizes. Recently, we have helped businesses to: 

  • Become energy self sufficient by implementing an energy provision and conservation strategy.
  • Implement ‘lean’ principles through an international supply chain.
  • Introduce sustainable practices and technologies into housing stock development, refurbishment and maintenance.
  • Improve products with advanced mechanical engineering techniques.
  • Design and implement a prototype predictive market segmentation product.
  • Support continued growth through business process modelling and IT system improvement. 

KTP success stories

Don't just take our word for it. Read some of our inspirational KTP case studies and discover the benefits of partnering with UWE Bristol.

Blue Sheep

UWE Bristol helped marketing company Blue Sheep take new products to market, achieving strategic marketing development through a KTP that ultimately delivered a pre-tax profit of £482,000.


Working together to create a high-quality floor covering on a KTP projected to – within three years – deliver increased pre-tax annual profits of £1,060,000.

Jacarta Ltd

Jacarta Ltd is looking to become a truly global provider of unique power monitoring solutions. Working together, we aim to further enhance its processes, products and capabilities.

Motivation Charitable Trust

See a case study film detailing the success of UWE Bristol's work with the Motivation Charitable Trust.

Recycling Technologies Ltd

Watch our case study film about how UWE Bristol helped Recycling Technologies Ltd to develop its products and company.

Want to find out more?

If you have any questions about KTPs with UWE Bristol, contact us on +44 (0)117 32 81043 or e-mail

* Technology Strategy Board – Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Achievements and Outcomes Annual Report 2012/13

Page last updated 3 December 2014

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