Centre of Global Finance Working Paper Series

ISSN 2041-1596 (Online)

The Centre for Global Finance Working Paper Series was established to enable the early dissemination and discussion of the work-in-progress of Centre researchers. Contributors include not only UWE academics, but also occasional contributions from other institutions.

For further details, please e-mail Cherif Guermat.

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Banking Sector Performance in Latin America: Market Power versus Efficiency

Georgios E. Chortareas,
Jesus G. Garza-García and Claudia Girardone


Financial Crises: A Culture of Complacency

Jon Tucker


The Adoption of Downsizing During The Asian Economic Crisis

Kamel Mellahi and Cherif Guermat


UK IPOs: Long Run Returns, Behavioural Timing and Pseudo Timing

Alan Gregory,
Cherif Guermat and Fawaz Al-Shawawreh


Independent Central Banks: some theoretical and empirical problems?

Peter Howells


Crying Fowl: Stakeholder Activism and Corporate Annual General Meetings

Nic Apostolides


Credit Ratings and UK Defined Benefit Pension Fund Portfolio Values

Martin Sullivan


A net beta test of asset pricing models

Cherif Guermat and Mark C. Freeman


Market Structure, Profits, and Spreads in the Mexican Banking Industry

Georgios E. Chortareas,
Jesus G. Garza-García and Claudia Girardone


Trade Credit as Short-Term Finance in the UK

Salima Paul and Cherif Guermat


Income and Transactions Velocities in the UK

Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells


Measuring Shipping Tanker Freight Risk

Wessam Abouarghoub


International Determinants of Stock Market Performance in China: A Cointegration Approach

Jesus G. Garza-García andY. Yue


The Role of Accruals and Cash Flows in Explaining UK Stock Returns and the Impact of Auditor Quality

M.A. Clatworthy, C.K.M. Pong andW.K. Wong

05/10 Who Influences Latin American Stock Market Returns? China versus USA Jesus G. Garza-Garcíaand M.E. Vera-Juárez
06/10 Returns to UK “value” investment strategies: Evidence from an inflation-adjusted Ohlson model W. SalehandJ.Tucker
07/10 Interest rate pass-through and risk Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells
01/11 Recent Developments in Monetary Policy Peter Howells and Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal
02/11 Using a Simplified Miles-Ezzell Framework to Value Equity David Bence
03/11 Determinants of Bank Performance in Mexico: Efficiency or Market Power Jesus.G. Garza-García
04/11 The Credit Risk Premium in a Disaster-Prone World Yanhui Zhu and Laurence Copeland
05/11 The effect of monetary policy on investors’ risk perception: Evidence from the UK and Germany Dan Luo, Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells
06/11 J.G. Garza-Garcia
07/11 Measuring the Policymaker’s Credibility: The Bank of England in 'nice' and 'not-so-nice' times Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Woon Wong and Peter Howells
01/12 The Volatility of the Tradeable and Nontradeable Sectors Laura Povoledo
02/12 The Use of Financial Information by Capital Providers Jon Tucker, Ufuk Ismail Misirlioglu, Eleimon Gonis and Osman Yukselturk
03/12 The Relationship between Bank Competition and Financial Stability: A Case Study of the Mexican Banking Industry Raúl Osvaldo Fernández and Jesús G. Garza-Garcíab
04/12 Modelling the Sectoral Allocation of Labour in Open Economy Models Laura Povoledo
05/12 Short-run reaction to news announcements: UK evidence Jon Tucker, Cherif Guermat and Santhita Prasert
01/13 The Volatility of the Tradeable and Nontradeable Sectors: Theory and Evidence Laura Povoledo
02/13 Liquidity and Credit Risks in the UK’s Financial Crisis: How QE changed the Relationship Woon Wong, Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Wanru Yao and Peter Howells
03/13 A Review of Banking Sector Reforms in Transition Economies Kobil Ruziev and Sheila C. Dow

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