Research themes and clusters in the Centre for Global Finance

The over-arching research theme of the Centre is global finance, though within this broad theme project areas necessarily evolve as the Centre grows and its research deepens. The Centre's current work is organised around the following three clusters:

Corporate finance and financial markets

This cluster focuses on financing and investment decisions within the firm, thereby extending the themes explored in corporate finance, but dealing also with the interaction between the firm and international financial markets, whether through investment or financing activities. The latter involves researching the nature, pricing and risk of the range of financial instruments quoted on national and international financial markets.

Current Centre projects within this cluster include:

  1. Asset pricing (particularly equities and bonds)
  2. International corporate capital structure
  3. Credit ratings and debt risk
  4. The equity analyst's research report

International monetary systems and financial institutions

This cluster focuses on the international monetary and financial environment and the institutions which operate within that environment, particularly banks. Major issues at the moment include the breakdown in central bank influence over market interest rates and the need for radical changes in international banking supervision.

Current Centre research projects within this cluster include:

  1. Central banking and monetary policy
  2. The political economy of money
  3. Macro econometric modelling

International corporate financial reporting, governance and accountability

This cluster focuses on corporate financial reporting, and in particular on the dynamics of change in financial reporting practices of companies across the globe in the transition to International Financial Reporting Standards. The core issues include international financial reporting, market-based international accounting, and the impact of financial reporting regulations on financial markets.

Current Centre research projects within this cluster include:

  1. Issues in IFRS implementation and compliance
  2. Value relevance of accounting regulation
  3. The role of auditors and auditing
  4. Corporate governance

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