Postgraduate research and taught programmes

The Centre welcomes PhD applicants from a wide range of topic areas, though most tend to fall within the fields of expertise of its academic members, and in particular within the following fields.

  • Corporate finance (e.g. capital structure, credit risk management)
  • Financial markets (e.g. equity and bond valuation, credit ratings, asset pricing)
  • International monetary systems (e.g. central banks, macro econometric models, monetary policy, money markets)
  • Banking and other financial institutions (e.g. bank performance and risk, bank regulation, offshore banking)
  • International corporate financial reporting (e.g. IFRS compliance, earnings management, financial disclosure)
  • Governance and accountability (e.g. role of auditors, corporate governance)

The PhD research programme topics supervised by Centre colleagues include:

  • The Effect of Bank Credit Rating Changes on Bank Stock returns
  • Extensions to the Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • The Interaction Between Equity and Credit Risks
  • Financial Contagion in the MENA Region
  • Decomposing the Risk Premium in LIBOR rates
  • Evaluating the Performance of Egyptian Mutual Funds
  • Power, Politics and Governance and the Annual General Meeting
  • Determinants of Earnings Management and its Impact on Stock Returns
  • Accounting Disclosure in GCC Country Companies

The MSc Finance programme

In addition, the Centre supports a well-established MSc Finance programme which places risk management at the heart of the programme, and aims to produce high quality education in the fields of corporate finance and financial markets for those students wishing to secure a career in one of the world's financial centres. Selected Option Modules

For more information on the MSc Finance programme, please visit MSc Finance programme.

UWETIS was established for students interested in finance and investment and exploring its complexities in a supportive environment. They organise social events, specialist talks and other activities.

Postgraduate research study at UWE

UWE Trading and Investment Society

UWETIS is a student-led society for those interested in financial markets and investment.

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