Members of the Centre for Global Finance

The interdisciplinary nature of the Centre for Global Finance's expertise is evident in the diversity of its members who are drawn from the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance, from other departments within UWE Bristol’s Faculty of Business and Law, as well as other UK and international universities, government bodies and the finance industry.

Director of the Centre for Global Finance

  • Professor Jon Tucker
    Equity valuation; Company credit ratings; Financial markets; Corporate financial reporting; Bank performance; Corporate financial reporting and auditing


  • Dr Ismail Adelopo
    Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance
    Corporate governance, Auditing and Disclosures
  • Nicholas Apostolides
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
    Corporate governance; Annual general meetings
  • Dr Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal
    Value at risk; Financial econometrics; Money and interest rates
  • Anthony John Bray
    Associate Lecturer
    Bankruptcy and default; Ethical Currency Systems
  • Dr Eleanor Dart
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
    Corporate governance; Auditor independence
  • Mike Davies
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
    Banking and financial institutions
  • Dr Yannis Dafermos
    Lecturer in Economics
    Financial macroeconomics; Monetary policy
  • Dr Daniela Gabor
    Associate Professor in Economics
    Political economy of central banking; International financial institutions
  • Dr Eleimon Gonis
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
    Credit ratings; Scoring and risk modelling; Bankruptcy/default, Financial statement analysis
  • Professor Cherif Guermat
    Professor of Empirical Finance Finance
    Asset Pricing; Behavioural Finance; Risk Management
  • Professor Peter Howells
    Emeritus Professor of Monetary Economics
    Monetary policy; Central banking
  • Bolanle Karimu
    Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
    Credit ratings; Credit scoring; Credit risk modelling; Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Dr Jo Michell
    Lecturer in Economics
  • Dr Ismail Ufuk Misirlioglu
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting
    International financial reporting; Accounting for Financial Instruments; Hedge accounting
  • Dr Laura Povoledo
    Senior Lecturer in Economics
    International macroeconomic; Monetary models; Business cycles
  • Dr Kobil Ruziev
    Senior Lecturer in Economics
    Development and financial reform in emerging economies; SME use of formal and informal finance; institutional economics; economic transformation in the former Soviet Union
  • Dr Vasco Vendrame
    Asset pricing; financial econometrics; financial markets; corporate finance
  • Simon Wilde
    Senior Lecturer: Accounting and Finance
  • Chris Worthington
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
    Security analysis in the international insurance sector; Tax incentives and company location
  • Dr Aylwin Yafele
    Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
    Corporate governance; International Financial Reporting; Key Performance Indicators
  • Dr Mary Young
    Lecturer in Law
    Offshore banking and offshore financial centres; Financial crime; Financial intelligence; Anti-money laundering regimes; International criminal law
  • Dr Wanru Yao
    Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
    Principles of banking institutions; financial derivatives; UK and EMU monetary policies; risk management
  • Dr Osman Yukselturk
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance Effects of Adoption of IFRS; Value Relevance; Earnings Management; Equity Analyst Reports
  • Dr Yanhui Zhu
    Lecturer in Economics
    Asset pricing; Strategic asset allocation; Financial econometrics; Generalized expected utility

Associate members

  • Wessam Abouarghoub
    Cardiff University
  • Dave Allen
    Senior Lecturer in Economics
  • Dr David Bence
    Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Bath Management School
  • Jonathan Bradley (Dean of Students), Dean of Students Office
  • Dr Walaa ElKelish, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Dr Jesús G. Garza-García, Mexican Ministry of Finance and Public Credit
  • Dr Gerhard Kling, University of Southampton
  • Dr Apinya Klinpratoom, University of Plymouth
  • Dr Sandra Laurent (Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance), Department of Accounting Economics and Finance
  • Dr Gaetano Matonti, University of Salermo
  • Dr Andrew Mearman Senior Teaching Fellow, Leeds University Business School
  • Dr Simon Norton, Cardiff Business School
  • Professor Salima Paul, University of Plymouth
  • Mr Anthony Plumridge (Senior Lecturer in Economics), Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance
  • Professor Nic Ryder
    Associate Professor, Director of the Commercial Law Unit
  • Deborah Sturge
    Senior Lecturer, Associate Head of Department, Visiting professor in finance.

Visiting Professor in Finance

  • Jeremy Batstone-Carr
    Visiting Practitioner Professor in Finance, Charles Stanley Group
    Global finance markets; wealth management
  • Nick Griggs
    Visiting Practitioner Professor in Actuarial Science, Barnett Waddingham, Partner and Head of Corporate Consulting
    pensions; actuarial science; risk management; corporate consulting

    PhD students

    • Joseph Asante
    • Michal Bobula-
      The impact of defined benefit pension plans on UK company performance.
    • Helmi Boshnak -
      The extent of financial disclosures in annual reports of GCC listed firms.
    • Kwok Wip (Steven) Cheung
    • Eman El-Gebeily -
      The effect of cognitive bias on default risk: A study of the Egyptian financial market.
    • Tarek Elkalla -
      The determinants of earnings management and its impact on stock returns: an empirical study on the Middle East and North Africa. region
    • Bolanle Karimu -
      Bank credit rating: an empirical investigation of the determinants and market reactions to bank rating changes.
    • Kevin Kelly -
      Decision making in the fund management industry: empirical evidence from European fund managers, buy-side analysts and sell-side analysts.
    • Rabab Khamis -
      Determinants of stock prices in the Egyptian stock market: Traditional asset pricing models versus behavioural asset pricing models.
    • George Maggs
    • Abdel Said - 
      Unit Trust Performance Metrics: A Comparison of Behavioural, Ethical and Religious funds

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