About the Centre for Global Finance

The Centre for Global Finance at Bristol Business School was established in 2008 as a Centre of Excellence to draw upon the skills of research active staff whose work enjoys a national and in some cases international reputation.

The Centre, one of five such centres in the Bristol Business School brings together research active staff from across UWE Bristol and further afield.

Aim and objectives

The aim of the Centre is to produce high quality research outputs, research dissemination, knowledge exchange, and education for an international audience of academics, practitioners, and students in the following areas:

  • corporate finance
  • financial markets
  • international monetary systems
  • banking and other financial institutions
  • international corporate financial reporting
  • governance and accountability

In pursuit of this aim we have the following objectives:

  • To produce high quality research to be disseminated to an international audience by means of conference presentation, academic journal output and other forms of output.
  • To produce knowledge exchange outputs such as consultancy and CPD courses with relevance both to a national and international stakeholder audience, focusing in particular on practical issues within the finance and accounting sectors.
  • To deliver an MSc Finance programme with a growing reputation and which is underpinned by a core of research active academic staff.
  • To support a community of academics, providing them with a rewarding and exciting research environment, providing avenues for the dissemination of their work, and giving advice on research funding opportunities.
  • To provide an active, rigourous and coherent PhD programme, focusing on the themes of the Centre.
  • To provide a location and infrastructure for researcher and practitioner conferences in the area of global finance.
  • To actively seek out and increase contacts with discipline experts from other research centres and individuals both within the UK and overseas.
  • To provide visiting academics with the opportunity to contribute to the work of the Centre and collaborate in its joint research projects and other initiatives.

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