Bristol Leadership and Change Centre consultancy

Education and consultancy

As a Centre we believe that research, education and consultancy can play a decisive role in social, institutional and organisational change.

We use our skills and talents to help others engage with leadership and organisational processes which are beneficial to the stakeholders that they serve. Accordingly, we seek to work with each other and with clients in ways that are collegiate and collaborative.

We engage directly with diversity and promote participation and equality in our work. This is particularly evident in the Centre's research projects on gender and diversity as well as the composition of student groups on our part-time Leadership and Management programmes and their contribution to widening access and participation.

Expertise and consultancy

BLCC members share a research interest in exploratory, in-depth enquiries into relationships and processes at work. Particular research projects falling within this general theme are those looking into change processes, complexity, crisis and disasters, creativity, group dynamics, leadership, identity, psychoanalysis, spirituality and space.

The group also shares a passion for creative and reflective approaches to research and research methodologies that are then translated into teaching contexts.

Teaching and learning

The teaching and learning approach by members of BLCC is one that is practice-oriented and informed by high quality research achievements of the members. All teaching engages in forms of experiential learning, problem-based learning and reflective practice, developing knowledge and skills that are essential for professionals.

The members' commitment to student-centred learning is exemplified by the introduction of the new BA Business (Team Entrepreneurship), with its emphasis on project-based learning and where students are 'coached' rather than taught.

Members of this group have and continue to critically reflect on these pedagogical approaches and practices through publications.

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