Recent consultancy work

Below are examples of our recent project work.

European Commission, 2009 - 2013, Social Science into Policy. A major project running a news alert service to disseminate EU Framework 7 research findings to policy makers.

Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, 2009, The Economic Impact of International Cricket on Bristol. A cost effective impact study combining primary and secondary data sources.

West of England Partnership 2008/9 "Key Business Sectors: An appraisal of opportunities for enhancing competitiveness and growth through public action in the West of England." Combining a range of methodologies to define and profile the key sectors in the Bristol/Bath economy, the project suggested a range of policy interventions to enhance competitiveness.

Bristol Eastside Traders and St Pauls Unlimited (2008) "Workspace Needs Analysis." A unique project combining a survey of all workspace in St. Pauls, a business survey of all occupiers and a forecast of employment to 2026 to provide guidance to LA site allocation strategy.

Welsh Assembly Government (2008) Entrepreneurial Aspirations and Activity amongst Students: A Comparative Study for Wales.

Welsh Assembly Government (2008) Productivity and Innovation In Wales In Comparative Perspective. The latest in a series of contracts combining cutting edge spatial econometrics with regional economics.

Business West (2008) The Regional Economic Impact of Bristol Airport: Assessing Contributions to the Debate.

Flemish Peace Research Institute (2008), The Economic Impact of Military Research and Development. A report published by the Flemish Peace Research Institute, Brussels.

Bristol Eastside Traders and Easton Business Centre (2007) “Workspace Needs Analysis" Similar to the St. Pauls study but covering the Easton and Lawrence Hill area

Enterprise Cadastre, Republic of Moldova, (2007 to 2009), Strategic and Business Plan, strategic advice on transition to self-funding including property market forecast and revenue projections, funded by the World Bank.

UKTI and Business West, 2007 "Connecting to the South West’s key R&D intensive businesses", project examining the association between innovative firms and export success.

South West Regional Development Agency, 2006/7, "The export performance of businesses in the South West of England in comparative perspective" A comparative econometric analysis using CIS4 data to examine the factors influencing export intensity among UK and SW firms.

State Authority for Geodetic Works, Government of the Republic of Macedonia (2006), Study on Access to Land for Investment, funded by the World Bank. An assessment of the impact of land registration on the national economy.

South West Regional Development Agency, 2006/7, "An examination of differences in the propensity to export across British regions” A pilot econometric study using CIS4 for the subsequent project described above.

South West Regional Development Agency, 2006 "Meeting the productivity challenge in the South West of England: Project update and extension” An update of the earlier productivity project described below.

Welsh Assembly Government, 2006 "Analysis of productivity differentials and determinants in Wales and the implications for intervention", firm level data was used to identify the factors leading to low productivity in Wales and combined spatial regression and GIS to identify the role of accessibility.

BTCV, 2006 "Grass Roots Evaluation" An economic and social impact study of a community conservation project in Bradley Stoke.

Chelmsford and Brentwood Borough Councils, and Maldon and Braintree District Councils, 2005/6 "The Mid-Essex economic futures assessment" As well as an assessment of the growth and productivity of the sub-regional economy, the study also produced an employment land forecast to 2021.

Department of Trade and Industry (2006) Assessment of the current opportunities for linking datasets between the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) databases and larger datasets The project was to advise on the potential for co-ordinating regional data sets across the UK.

South West Regional Development Agency, 2004/5 “Measuring and improving the impact of public intervention in regional productivity” The first of a series of projects using the Virtual Microdata Laboratory provided by the Office for National Statistics to analyse the factors influencing productivity at the firm level.

Department of Trade and Industry and Intellect, (2003/4), The Competitiveness of the UK Defence Electronics Industry. Intellect was formerly the Federation of the Electronics Industry.

Department of Trade and Industry (2002), UK Aerospace Competitiveness Study. A study of post-1990 research into aerospace competitiveness.

West of England Partnership, 2002 "So Far So assessment of the West of England Economy." The study provided a profile of the sub-regional economy as a basis for co-ordinating policy across the area.

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