Critical macroeconomics and finance

Globalised finance is the dominant force in modern capitalism, affecting both high-income and developing countries. We are working towards a critical re-articulation of the role of finance and money in economic theory and practice. Our approach can best be characterised as the ‘political economy of finance’. Our research encompasses macroeconomics, finance and accumulation.

Main research and consultancy interests

  • Macro-finance in developing countries – Daniela Gabor, Kobil Ruziev, Jo Michell, Susan Newman
  • Macroeconomic management – Yannis Dafermos, Daniela Gabor, Jo Michell, Kobil Ruziev 
  • Shadow banking – Daniela Gabor, Jo Michell
  • Financial reform – Daniela Gabor, Kobil Ruziev
  • Financial development and enterprise finance - Kobil Ruziev
  • Commodity chains – Susan Newman
  • Financialisation and industrialisation – Susan Newman,
    Daniela Gabor
  • Macroeconomic modelling – Yannis Dafermos, Jo Michell
  • Income distribution, inequality and finance - Yannis Dafermos,
    Jo Michell, Susan Newman

Current projects 

We also teach related modules at a number of levels. We are keen to offer tailored Continuing Professional Development material for clients.

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