Research themes at Bristol Economic Analysis

Our research encompasses a wide range of issues in applied economics, and deploys a wide range of techniques. The main foci of research are in these areas:

Labour and the region

We are a group of social scientists who are committed to examining issues relating to workers and economic geography, separately or together.

Critical macroeconomics and finance

We are working towards a critical re-articulation of the role of finance and money in economic theory and practice. Our approach can best be characterised as the ‘political economy of finance’.

Economics for sustainability

We are a group of economists committed to developing economic tools aimed at creating an environmentally sustainable economy and society.

Data analysis, methodology and evaluation

We offer expertise in technical and conceptual developments within economic methodology. Our members have specialist skills and knowledge in a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches, and have applied these broadly.

Economic education

At UWE Economics we believe in research-informed teaching and in thinking critically about our teaching. BEA reflects this ethos. Many BEA members are writing on economics education.

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