Economics papers 2016

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Five Safes: designing data access for research
by Tanvi Desai, Felix Ritchie and Richard Welpton

Do Shadow banks create money? 'Financialisation' and the monetary circuit
Jo Michell

Circular Economy
by Peter Bradley

Higher education in Uzbekistan: reforms and the changing landscape since independence
by Kobil Ruziev and Davron Rustamov

Refining the application of the FLQ Formula for estimating regional input coefficients:
an empirical study for South Korean regions

by Anthony T. Flegga and Timo Tohmob

Can a change in attitudes improve effective access to administrative data for research? 
by Felix Ritchie

Application of ethical concerns for the natural environment into business design: a novel business model framework
by Peter Bradley, Glenn Parry and Nicholas O’Regan

Measuring compliance with minimum wages
by Felix Ritchie, Michail Veliziotis, Hilary Drew and Damian Whittard

Pricing behaviour and the role of trade openness in the transmission of monetary shocks
by Laura Povoledo

Can indeterminacy and self-fulfilling expectations help explain international business cycles?
by Stephen McKnight and Laura Povoledo

Curriculum reform in UK economics: a critique
by Andrew Mearman, Sebastian Berger and Danielle Guizzo

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