Economics Papers 2014

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Communist party membership and bribe paying in transitional economies
by Timothy Hinks and Artjoms Ivlevs

Happy moves? Assessing the impact of subjective well-being on the emigration decision

by Artjoms Ivlevs

How do knowledge brokers work? The case of WERS
by Hilary Drew, Felix Ritchie and Anna King

The role of social norms in incentivising energy reduction in organisations
by Dr Peter Bradley, Matthew Leach and Shane Fudge

Assimilation of the migrant work ethic
by Chris Dawson, Michail Veliziotis and Benjamin Hopkins

Empirical evidence on the use of the FLQ formula for regionalising national input-output tables: The case of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina
by Anthony T. Flegg, Leonardo J. Mastronardi and Carlos A. Romero

Regional productivity in a multi-speed Europe
by Don J. Webber, Min Hua Jen and Eoin O’Leary

Is temporary employment a cause or consequence of poor mental health?
by Chris Dawson, Michail Veliziotis, Gail Pacheco and Don J Webber

Operationalising 'safe statistics': the case of linear regression
by Felix Ritchie

Emigration, remittances and corruption experience of those staying behind
by Artjoms Ivlevs and Roswitha M. King

Resistance to change in government: Risk, inertia and incentives
by Felix Ritchie

Addressing the human factor in data access: Incentive compatibility, legitimacy and cost-effectiveness in public data resources
by Felix Ritchie and Richard Welpton

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