Economics Papers 2012

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The impact of the quality of the work environment on employees’ intention to quit
by Ray Markey, Katherine Ravenswood and Don J. Webber

The changing influence of culture on job satisfaction across Europe: 1981-2008
by Gail Pacheco, De Wet van der Westhuizen and Don J. Webber

Understanding student attendance in Business Schools: An exploratory study
by Andrew Mearman, Don J. Webber, Artjoms Ivlevs, Tanzila Rahman and Gail Pacheco

What is a manufacturing job?
by Felix Ritchie, Andrew D. Thomas, and Richard Welpton

Rethinking economics: Logical gaps – empirical to the real world
by Stuart Birks

Rethinking economics: Logical gaps – theory to empirical
by Stuart Birks

Rethinking economics: Economics as a toolkit
by Stuart Birks

Rethinking economics: Downs with traction
by Stuart Birks

Rethinking economics: Theory as rhetoric
by Stuart Birks

An economics angle on the law
by Stuart Birks

Temporary versus permanent employment: Does health matter?
by Gail Pacheco, Dominic Page and Don J. Webber

Issues in the measurement of low pay: 2010
by Suzanne Fry and Felix Ritchie

Output-based disclosure control for regressions
by Felix Ritchie

Sample selection and bribing behaviour
by Timothy Hinks and Artjoms Ivlevs

Internet shopping and Internet banking in sequence
by Athanasios G. Patsiotis, Tim Hughes and Don J Webber

Mental and physical health: Reconceptualising the relationship with employment propensityby Gail Pacheco, Dom Page and Don J Webber

Using student evaluations to improve individual and department teaching qualities
by Mary R Hedges and Don J Webber

The effects of the 2004 Minority Education Reform on pupils' performance in Latvia
by Artjoms Ivļevs and M. King, Østfo

Pluralist economics curricula: do they work; and how would we know?
by Andrew Mearman

Fractionalization and Well-Being: Evidence from a new South African data set
by Timothy Hinks

The role of structural change in European regional productivity growth
by Eoin O’Leary and Don J. Webber

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