Economics Papers 2010

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Smoking Behaviour and Life Satisfaction: Evidence from the UK Smoking Ban
by Timothy Hinks and Andreas Katsaros and Andreas Katsaros

From immigrants to (non-)citizens: Political economy of naturalizations in Latvia
by Artjoms Ivlevs and Roswitha M. King 

Recent Developments in Monetary Policy
by Peter Howells and Iris Biefang Frisancho-Mariscal

Interest rate pass-through and risk
by Iris Biefang Frisancho-Mariscal and Peter Howells

Money demand stability: A case study of Nigeria
by Saten Kumar and Don J. Webber and Scott Fargher

Participatory decision making and job satisfaction
co-authored by Gail Pacheco and Don Webber

The effects of privatisation and FDI on economic growth in Argentina
by Rania Ihab Naguib

Assessing the Effects of Military Expenditure on Growth
by Giorgio d'Agostino and Luca Pieroni and J Paul Dunne

On the Cost of Violence and the Benefits of Peace
by Jurgen Brauer and J Paul Dunne

Culture, participative decision making and job satisfaction
by De Wet van der Westhuizen and Gail Pacheco and Don J. Webber

Grade surprise and choice at 16
by Don J. Webber

Getting people out of unemployment: A spatial perspective across Auckland
by Don J. Webber and Gail Pacheco

Military Expenditure and Granger Causality: A Critical Review
by J Paul Dunne and Ron P. Smith

What is this thing called ‘heterodox economics’?
by Andrew Mearman

Regional Input-Output Tables and the FLQ Formula: A Case Study of Finland (revised)
by Tony Flegg and T. Tohmo

Sub-national vulnerability measures:A spatial perspective
by Don J. Webber and Stephanié Rossouw

Macroeconomics and Violence
by Jurgen Brauer and J Paul Dunne

Kosovo - winning its independence but losing its people? Recent evidence on emigration intentions and preparedness to migrate
by Artjoms Ivlevs and Roswitha M. King

The Demand for Military Spending in Egypt
by Aamer S. Abu-Qarn and J Paul Dunne and Yasmine M. Abdelfattah and Shadwa Zaher

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