Economics Papers 2009

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Real wages, inflation and labour productivity in Australia
by Saten Kumar, Don J. Webber and Geoff Perry

Estimating the effect of state dependence in work-related training participation among British employees
by Panos Sousounis

The Impact of Work-Related Training on Employee Earnings: Evidence from Great Britain
by Panos Sousounis

Persistence in the determination of work-related training participation: evidence from the BHPS, 1991-1997
by Panos Sousounis, Robin Bladen-Hovell

Wagner’s Law Revisited: Cointegration and Causality tests for New Zealand
by Saten Kumar, Don Webber and Scott Fargher

Does pluralism in economics education make better educated, happier students? A qualitative analysis
by Andrew Mearman, Tim Wakeley, Gamila Shoib and Don Webber

Who do heterodox economists think they are?
by Andrew Mearman

Students’ perceptions of economics: Identifying demand for further study
by Don J. Webber and Andrew Mearman

Microeconomic foundations of geographical variations in labour productivity
by Don J. Webber and Michael Horswell

Winners and Losers: Spatial variations in labour productivity in England and Wales
by Don J. Webber and Michael Horswell

Testing the validity of the Feldstein-Horioka puzzle for Australia
by Saten Kumar, Scott Fargher and Don J. Webber

Arms Trade Offsets: What do We Know?
by Jurgen Brauer and J. Paul Dunne

Credit Ratings and UK Defined Benefit Pension Fund Portfolio Values
by Martin Sullivan

Independent Central Banks: Some theoretical and empirical problems
by Peter Howells

The Military Industrial Complex
by J Paul Dunne, Elisabeth Sköns

The Volatility of the Tradeable and Nontradeable Sectors: Theory and Evidence
by Laura Povoledo

Banking Sector Performance in Latin America: Market Power versus Efficiency
by Georgios E. Chortareas, Jesus G. Garza-Garcia, Claudia Girardone

The Money Supply in Macroeconomics
by Peter Howells

Optimal Military Spending in the US: A Time Series Analysis
by d.Agostino G., Dunne J. P., Pieroni L.

Defence Spending and Development
by J Paul Dunne and Mehmet Uye

Determining Military Expenditures: Arms Races and Spill-Over Effects in Cross-Section and Panel Data
by J Paul Dunne, Sam Perlo-Freeman and Ron P Smith

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