Economics Papers 2006

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Does it matter how we measure congestion?
by A.T. Flegg, D.O. Allen

Monetary Policy Uncertainty: Is There a Difference Between Bank of England and the Bundesbank/ECB?
by Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells

Attendance and Exam Performance at University
by David O. Allen and Don J. Webber

Country-level Business Performance and Policy Asymmetries in Great Britain
by Anthony Plumridge, Don J. Webber, Martin Boddy and John Hudson

Are the New British Universities Congested?
by A.T. Flegg and D.O. Allen

The Topology of Conflict and Co-operation
by Sam Perlo-Freeman

Who Stopped Flying Around September 11th?

Measuring Poverty/Health: A Cautionary Note
by Yarim Shamsan, Don J Webber, and Paul White

An Examination of Alternative Approaches to Measuring Congestion in British Universities (2006)
by A.T. Flegg and D.O. Allen

Does Expansion Cause Congestion? The Case of the Older British Universities, 1994 to 2004
by A.T. Flegg and D.O. Allen

Why Do Foreign Firms Invest in South West England?
by Damian N. Whittard and Don J. Webber 

Rising Stars, Superstars and Dying Stars: Hedonic Explorations of Autograph Prices
by Alan Collins, Richard O’Doherty, Martin C. Snell

Trade, Technology and Employment: A Case Study of South Africa
by Paul Dunne, Lawrence Edwards

Monetary Policy Transparency in the UK: The Impact of Independence and Inflation Targeting
by Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells

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