Economics Papers 2005

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Regional Productivity Differentials: Explaining the Gap
by Martin Boddy, John Hudson, Anthony Plumridge and Don J. Webber

Transformation or Stagnation? The South African Defence Industry in the early 21st Century
by J. Paul Dunne and Richard Haines

The Endogeneity of Money: Empirical Evidence
by Peter Howells

Monetary Policy Regimes: a fragile consensus
by Peter Howells and Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal

Manufacturing Growth, Technological Progress, and Military Expenditure
by Paul Dunne and Duncan Watson

Military Spending and Economic Growth in Greece, Portugal and Spain
by J Paul Dunne and Eftychia Nikolaidou

The Demand for Food in South Africa
by Paul Dunne

Monetary Policy Transparency and Uncertainty: A Comparison between the Bank of England and the Bundesbank/ECB
by Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells

What Lies Beneath? Who Owns British Defence Contractors and Does It Matter?
by Derek Braddon and Jonathan Bradley

Revolution in the Defence Electronics Market? An Economic Analysis of Sectoral Change
by Paul Dowdall and Derek Braddon

Methodological Triangulation at the Bank of England: An Investigation
by Paul Downward and Andrew Mearman

Arms Trade Offsets and Development
by Jurgen Brauer and J. Paul Dunne

Aerospace Competitiveness: UK, US and Europe
by Derek Braddon and Keith Hartley

Convergence towards a Steady State Distribution
by Don J. Webber and Paul White

Student Participation in Sporting Activities
by Don J. Webber and Andrew Mearman

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