About Bristol Economic Analysis

Our strengths are our diverse range of knowledge and research backgrounds, our ability to deliver pragmatic solutions, and our capacity to produce quality analysis backed up by academic rigour without over-emphasising the fine detail when making policy recommendations; all this is coupled with our enthusiasm, interest, ability and drive to produce high-quality, useful research.

We enjoy applying our skills to both standard and unusual topics alike, and we have a strong track record and experience in using both quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques. One of our strengths is our ability to think about issues from novel and interdisciplinary perspectives and, perhaps unusually for economists, we do not confine our thoughts around traditional economic assumptions of 'rationality' or 'individualism'.

We strive to transfer our economics knowledge to our external community (governments, ESRC, local organisations) and apply our economics skills to find solutions to or to deepen knowledge of issues encountered by firms, workers, organisations and governments.

Our research output and our consultancy activities are strongly linked. We believe that our consultancy activities should be of high enough quality and rigor to be acceptable in the academic community.

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