About the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance

The Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (BCEF) was created in 2017 from a merger of two previous Centres of Excellence at Bristol Business School: the Centre for Global Finance and Bristol Economic Analysis. This brings together over 35 researchers working across all areas of business, the economy and society.

The Centre has a diverse range of knowledge and research backgrounds, an ability to deliver pragmatic solutions, and a capacity to produce quality analysis backed up by academic rigour (without over-emphasising the fine detail when making policy recommendations). All this is coupled with our enthusiasm, interest, ability and drive to produce high-quality, useful research.

We enjoy applying our skills to both standard and unusual topics alike, and we have a strong track record and experience in using both quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques.

Contemporary and relevant work

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to think about issues from novel and interdisciplinary perspectives. BCEF researchers work with management scientists, psychologists, criminologists, lawyers, sociologists, HR specialists, transport planners and environmental scientists. We also work with practitioners in business, government and professional bodies to ensure that our work is contemporary and relevant.

We strive to transfer our knowledge to our external community (governments, ESRC, local organisations) and apply our economics skills to find solutions to, or to deepen knowledge of, issues encountered by firms, workers, organisations and governments.

As such, our research output, our consultancy activities and our professional development courses are strongly linked. We believe that there is no conflict between academic excellence, applicability and helping others to benefit from our knowledge.

Centre aims

The aim of the Centre is to build a local, national and international reputation for:

  • high-quality research
  • expert, relevant and useful consultancy and knowledge exchange
  • innovative and appropriate professional education
  • research embedded into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Our objectives

Our aim is to:

  • support a community of academics, providing them with a rewarding and exciting research environment, providing avenues for the dissemination of their work, and giving advice on research funding opportunities
  • produce high-quality research outputs disseminated to an international academic audience
  • produce non-technical summaries of research for dissemination to a wider audience
  • enhance the visibility of research via conventional and social media, and academic and public events
  • build a reputation for useful advisory and consultancy services amongst key client groups
  • deliver targeted MSc and PhD programmes with an international reputation underpinned by a core of research active academic staff
  • offer a range of off-the shelf CPD courses, and to work with external clients to develop tailored offerings
  • provide a location and infrastructure for researcher and practitioner conferences
  • support a programme of visiting academics and practitioners.

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