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Expertise by staff member

Aida Abzhaparova

(HAS, HSS, Philosophy, Politics and IR)
International relations theory and practice; Critical security studies; Security architecture in the post-Soviet space

Rick Ball

(FBL, Law) 

Phil Cole

(HAS, HSS, Philosophy, Politics and IR) 

Christian Dadomo

(FBL, Law)
EU constitutional and internal market law; International / EU / French competition law; International / EU / French environmental law

Onita Das

(FBL, Law)
International environmental law; human rights and the environment; environment and armed conflict; sustainable development

Rob East

(FBL, Law)

Jessica Elliott

(FBL, Law)
Human trafficking

Evadne Grant

(FBL, Law)
International human rights law; human dignity; equality; social and economic rights; human rights and the environment

Sabine Hassler

(FBL, Law)
International law; UN Security Council; collective security; human security; responsibility to protect; peacekeeping; non-human personhood rights; corporate social responsibility

Jackie Jones

(FBL, Law)
Violence against women; human trafficking; dignity and vulnerability; gender, sexuality and the law; equality; CEDAW

Diana Johnson

(FBL, Law)

EU law; EU competition law; European human rights law; Human Rights Act

Zainab Khan

(FBL, Law)
Public participation in environmental decision making; access to justice; citizen empowerment in environmental matters

Andy Kok

(FBL, Law)

WTO law; international economic and trade law; international contract law; shipping law

Noëlle Quénivet

(FBL, Law)
International humanitarian law; women and children in armed conflict; child soldiers; terrorism; extra-territorial application of human rights law

Jona Razzaque

(FBL, Law)
International environmental law; environmental governance; human rights and environment; natural resource management; trade and environment

Shilan Shah-Davis

(FBL, Law)
International child law; children's rights; women's rights; women and children in armed conflict; international human rights law; ‘honour-based’ violence/crimes; law and development

Thomas Smith

(FBL, Law)

Fair trials, detention and right to liberty 

Simon Thompson

(HAS, HSS, Politics Programme)
Political philosophy; hate speech and freedom of expression; politics of multiculturalism; theories of recognition; statelessness and noncitizenship

External members

Anna Grear

(Cardiff University, UK)
Human Rights Theory; Human Rights and Environment; Ecology; Corporations; Globalisation; Gender; Post-humanism; Vulnerability; Complexity; Legal Subjectivity and the Future

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