The Women Law Students Forum

The WLSF was launched in November 2011 by Dr Rachel Fenton to promote the development of a vibrant student body, alert to important issues of equality, diversity and inclusivity in the Law School, the broader community and society as a whole.

The WLSF is affiliated to the Family, Gender and Equality Research Unit at Bristol Law School, UWE.

WLSF aims

The aims of the WLSF are to:

  • develop a student-led forum which provides a platform for debate and discourse around important contemporary issues affecting women.  
  • be a space to develop and support the aspirations of female law students and, consequently, their employability, both during and beyond their university studies.

If you are interested in finding out more or wish to join the Panel, please e-mail Sara Whiteley.

Panel members



  • Olivia Curtis
  • Becky Walker
  • Cathy Casey

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