Our research is aimed at improving the environment in practical ways.

Human Rights and the Environment

Jona Razzaque has continued working as a member of the UNEP.

Expert Panel on Human Rights and the Environment to assess progress achieved concerning the relationship between human rights and environment.

Jona Razzaque acted as a member of the UN Expert Panel on Business and Human Rights to explore the role and limits of extraterritoriality in the business and human rights domain. Conclusions of this meeting were reflected in the Report of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to the Human Rights Council in 2011.

View Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises.

Jona Razzaque recently participated in the EU-funded project "Study of the Legal Framework on Human Rights and the Environment Applicable to European Enterprises Operating Outside the European Union".

Conclusions from this paper were highlighted in the European Commission report on the project.

Ecosystems and Human Well-Being

Jona Razzaque acted as a member of the UNEP Expert Forum on Ecosystem Services and Human Well being. Paper based on this work was published in Human Rights Quarterly (2009) vol. 31, 692-720.

Jona Razzaque recently acted as an expert in the EU and UNDP funded project on 'Sustainable Agro-biodiversity in the Mountain Areas of Southern China' to increase the capacity and awareness of different stakeholders to jointly manage and use agro-biodiversity in a sustainable way.

Community Legal Advice and Representation Service (Environmental Law)

Various members of the unit have established a pro bono legal advice and representation service known as CLARS Environmental Law. Its aim is to help the local community participate in environmental decision making and have access to environmental justice to deal with day to day neighbourhood problems. It is an important part of a wider Environmental Justice Partnership.

UK Marine Environment

Bristol Research into the Development of Environmental Law (BRIDEL) was co-founded by Ben Pontin (UWE), Chris Willmore (Bristol University) and Michael Barlow (Burges Salmon) to harness academic and practitioner expertise to research into environmental law.

The initiative has produced research on contaminated land law and use of Private Acts to authorise the construction of nuclear power stations.

Global Human Rights and Environment Network (GNHRE)

The Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE) is a UWE initiative led by Anna Grear with the help of funding from the Environmental Law Unit. The virtual repository of relevant publications at the heart of this initiative has been worked on by Onita Das, Robert Palmer and Ben Pontin.

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