The CALR Working Paper Series

The Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR) runs a Working Paper Series enabling law school staff to discuss their latest research findings on a range of topical issues. The series features original doctrinal and empirical research of interest to scholars, students and the wider community.

Current Working Paper Series titles

Jackie Jones
Trafficking of Women and Children in Wales 2010

Dr Jona Razzaque
Business, Human Rights and the Environment: A Case Study of India (2011)

Dr Sabine Hassler and Dr Noelle Quenivet
Business and Society Partnership Roundtable on ‘Leadership and Values’ (2012)

Dr Noelle Quenivet and Shilan Shah-Davis
Youth and Violence: Drawing Parallels between Child Soldiers and Youth in Gangs (2013)

Dr Onita Das
Climate Change, the Environment and Armed Conflict (2015)

Dr Rachel Anne Fenton, Dr Helen L. Mott, Dr Kieran McCartan and Professor Philip N.S Rumney
A review of evidence for bystander intervention to prevent sexual and domestic violence in universities (2015)

Dr Lauren Devine and Stephen Parker
Rethinking Child Protection Strategy: Learning from Trends (2015)

Student Working Paper Series titles

Student Working Paper Series Number 1. April 2015

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