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Meet the members of the Centre for Applied Legal Research at UWE Bristol.

Environmental Law Unit members

Staff members

Student members

  • Emma Bean (FET – Architecture and the Built Environment)
  • Natasha Bradshaw (FET – Architecture and the Built Environment)
  • Lewis Hadler (FBL – Law)
  • Matt Hall (FBL – Law)
  • Scott Haynes (FBL – Law)
  • Marta Jaworek (FBL – Law)
  • Siddique Khan (FBL – Law)
  • Amy Man (FBL – Law)
  • Freya Neergaard-Tedder (FBL – Law)
  • Siavash Ostovar (FBL – Law)

External members

  • Dr Benjamin Pontin (Cardiff University)
  • Brendon Moorhouse (Guildhall Chambers)
  • Professor Anna Grear (Cardiff University)

Commercial Law Unit members

Unit Head

Staff members

Associate members

  • Anthony Couch (Exeter City Council)
  • Adam Finch (Bevan Brittan Solicitors)
  • Hugh Gregory (Partner Grant Thornton LLP)
  • Helen Gregory (RSM Bentley Jennison)
  • Terry Greenhow (RSM Bentley Jennison)
  • Paul Reynolds (Lloyds TSB)
  • Frank Waghorn (Chairman of the South West Fraud Forum)
  • Julian Russell (Equas Ltd)

Criminal Justice Unit members

Unit Head

Staff members

Doctoral research/Current PhD students

We have a number of PhD students who are currently under supervision of our centre members. Find out more about their projects.

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