African Law Students Forum (ALSF)

The ALSF is a diverse community of Law students which evolved to form a platform for support of one another, socialising and networking amongst members and other outside organisations and networks, with a view to enhancing skill and career development opportunities through scholarly and social activities.

Aims and objectives

The ALSF evolved and will continue to evolve for the achievement of the following aims and objectives:

  • To become a platform for interaction and discussion on legal and political issues and developments in and around the members’ continents and across the globe.
  • To lobby for opportunities that allow members to acquire basic career enhancing skills and competencies.
  • To develop initiatives that allows members to identify and pursue various career enhancing opportunities.
  • To support and encourage members in their studies.
  • To network and socialise.
  • To enhance unity amongst members.
  • To provide a platform for support and assistance.
  • To ease members and International students into life outside home and the University life.
  • To provide voluntary services in the interest of the public and its members.

Our core activities

Just as our Aims and Objectives Suggest, our core activities shall include;

  • Scholarly activities (e.g. workshops, conferences, symposiums, talks etc).
  • Lobbying law firms and law-related organisations for opportunities on behalf of members.
  • Organising visits to organisations and affiliating to them in the interest of the forum and for the benefit of members.
  • Social activities (e.g. trips, tours, excursions etc).
  • Annual events such as fairs, summits, retreats etc that will involve participation and interaction with outside organisations, guests and participants.

View further details about the ALSF. If you have any further questions please e-mail

ALSF events

Past events

Houses of Parliament Outreach Service workshop - 13 November 2013

This was an opportunity to find out more about the role and structure of the House of Parliament, including careers opportunities available to students. View details of this event.

ALSF Launch event - 25 September 2013

ALSF formally launched and was attended by law students and staff. The ALSF ideology was eloquently explained by the President of the forum, Ikenna Aniekwe, as a forum of students who will work together to strengthen student opportunities, the university community and the wider community it works in.


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