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The Law Court Clinic (formerly known as CLARS) is a unique law assistance clinic that operates at the Civil Justice Centre (CJC) in Bristol. The Clinic is operated by students undertaking professional vocational law courses at UWE Bristol, the leading provider of such courses in the west and south west of Britain. They are supervised by qualified and experienced lawyers.

The Clinic is primarily focused on providing assistance at the main civil court in Bristol. Our ability to do this is dependent on volunteers from the student body and, consequently, the service has to be adjusted during examinations and holidays. This means we cannot enter into long-term representation commitments, but we will try to assist at hearings where possible. We cannot complete legal forms for you as this is regarded as us litigating on your behalf which we are not allowed to do. Also we cannot assist where there is a monetary claim against the other party.

The areas where we get asked the most for help are in Domestic Violence issues (Occupation and Non-Molestation Orders), Children Residence and Contact and Housing evictions. We will always try and help but please note we can only help the first party that asks us on the day, we cannot assist both parties in a dispute.

For those with more immediate needs, there is the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Avon and Bristol Law Centre, who both offer a defined service with regular appointments. The Personal Support Unit (PSU) Charity also operates from its office at the CJC.

Visit us

We can only be contacted in person at the Civil Justice Centre in Bristol.

We aim to be there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings but cannot guarantee this particularly over the main university holiday periods when students go away.

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