About the Applied Marketing Group

The Applied Marketing Group exists to foster working relationships with external organisations, with the aim of collaborating in the areas of marketing and customer engagement. Our activities are focussed on the business community and underpinned by the high quality applied research of many of our members.

We consist of a group of academics from the marketing subject area within the Bristol Business School, who believe that, in an applied subject such as marketing, it is crucial to maintain close links with the practice community. Most of us worked in industry prior to entering higher education, and collectively we have extensive practical experience of marketing management and consultancy across a wide range of sectors in the UK and internationally.  

Our expertise

Anyone working with the Applied Marketing Group has access to our experts in marketing and customer engagement, who are up to date with the latest research in the area. Members of the Applied Marketing Group bring academic objectivity and fresh perspectives to marketing challenges and have skills in facilitation and problem solving.

What we can do

There are a number of ways in which we engage with organisations and individuals:

  • We can offer traditional mentoring or consultancy. Alternatively, we often undertake Knowledge Transfer Partnership, where we work with a graduate undertaking a project within the participating company 
  • We can set up tailored short courses for training.
  • We can facilitate workshops to address particular marketing and customer engagement issues.
  • We can help with accessing graduates for placements or for longer-term employment.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or to investigate ways in which we might work together please contact us.


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