Recruiting students and graduates

At Bristol Business School (BBS) we aim to develop independent, confident, graduates with the practical skills and knowledge needed to be successful in business.

To find out more about recruiting our students and graduates see our recruiting talent web pages.

MSc Human Resource Management (HRM) - work based study

This CIPD accredited course requires students to complete a study project based in the Human Resources (HR) department of an organisation. This enables students to gain valuable insight into the workings of an HR department. The project will allow your organisation the free resource to explore a specific HR issue. Work based projects last up to 10 weeks and start in May. Find out more about the HRM work based study project.

Postgraduate consultancy projects

MBA and MSc Management students have the opportunity to put their skills into practice by coming into your organisation to initiate, research and complete a postgraduate consultancy project specifically relevant to a business need within your organisation.

BA Business Management (Leadership, Change and Organisation)

Organisation Development Group Consultancy Project

UWE Bristol's BA Business Management (Leadership, Change and Organisation) degree programme is designed to allow undergraduate students to take a step toward gaining management and/or leadership roles by undertaking a 'Organisation Development Student Consultancy Project' directly relevant to an organisation, which focuses on a real issue facing the business, leading to recommendations for action. Through delivering tangible benefits, students can make a difference in real organisations with real needs.

This is a group project focused on working with local organisations whether they are large or small, public, private, or not-for-profit; charities, community organisations, social enterprises and campaign groups.

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