Transcript - The place to be a business student

Xia: Bristol Business School has an excellent reputation.

Tom and Ben (business): Best university in the country for the course.

Jemma (international business): It's quite modern.

Tom and Ben: and there is a huge choice of different modules.

Charlotte and Mary (marketing): There's a good studying environment and the university is well equipped.

Paul (business): It's really organised.

Tom and Ben: I've had a fantastic time in Bristol, a growing city, it's phenomenal!

Eliza (international business): Lots of cultures from all over the world.

Laila (business): A lot of life, a lot of atmosphere, a lot of character.

Jemma: I'd describe it as a smaller London.

Paul: A great vibrant place to be in.

Eliza: It's perfect to study.

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