Transcript - Succeed in economics

Students and staff talk about the academic support offered in Economics.

Peter, Economics: In terms of getting on with my lecturers when I first came here I was petrified of them but it quickly became apparent that they were very human and because you have seminars with them which are only classroom size it becomes quick that you get to know them by first names…

Mansur, Economics: The economics lecturers are easy going you can pop into talk to them about issues you might have and they are always happy to help a student out.

Peter: ...yes I feel v comfortable in going to see them whenever I have a problem , even if they aren't teaching me this year I am still talking to lecturers from years back because I have that relationship with them.

Charlotte, Economics: Any problems I have had throughout the course I have always been able to go to the lecturer for that actual module,

Manal, International Economics: It's really relaxed, not like when you were in school you can approach them and they are going to treat you like an adult like you are, you can approach them at any point they are always willing to help or email them they are quite accessible.

Andrew, Senior Lecturer: One of the good things about economics in BBS at UWE is the support we will offer. All the people who are here are involved in teaching and were all here and we are all available, we have special office hours and everybody is pretty accessible and is friendly and we are here to help.

Manal: I never studied economics before I came to uni so obviously it was a challenge but you don't have to have studied it, it is very open, as long as you are willing to learn the teaching is there from day one really.

Mansur: I was eased into economics from the first year and it has helped me a lot and I am doing fine in economics.

Charlotte: ….no-one had any problems getting into it, everything was done from scratch and built upon - although quickly, but you were given so much support so that whatever problem you had you could sort it out.

Mansur - With assessment and feedback we get to know where we have gone wrong and how we can improve the work…

Charlotte: …you get a sheet telling you what you have answered well, what you haven't answered well, then if you want to go and see the lecturers and find out more information about your assignment and how you can improve for the next assignment they are quite willing to help you out on it.

Liam, Business and Economics: …you not just assignments, exams done in January you can go through what you did wrong with the lecturers to get it right for the summer exams.

Manal: You get a lot of feedback once you have submitted your assignments once you've got them back the lecturers are always saying their doors are open if you want to take your assignment along or if you've got any problems or issues they're always willing to run through them or go through any details.

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