Transcript - Relevant economics

Students and staff talk about the real world relevance of economics at BBS.

Andrew, Senior Lecturer: Economics is an amazing subject because it draws on loads of different disciplines, you need to be an historian, a mathematician and a philosopher and somebody just interested in the real world and that makes it difficult but it also makes it interesting.

Peter, Economics: The thing I most enjoy about economics is the fact that I can see it all around me, I can learn about something in a lecture and it is not irrelevant, I can see it actually happening dynamically happening all around in the news and politics and everywhere.

Liam, Business and Economics: You can apply it to everything around you, so you can see how things work and apply it to what you have learnt.

Mansur, Economics: You get to do not just the descriptive part of university courses there's an analytical part and then you get to work with numbers which is really good.

Peter: I enjoy gathering data and actually transforming numbers into theories.

Manal, International Business Economics: Economics is a varied degree, so when you hit the real world, working world there's a lot of things you can do, human resources management, business management so it is a very varied course.

Mansur: … has given me insight into what's going on in the world especially with the Middle East issues and oil and production costs and inflation - what's going on in the UK economy.

Liam: You can see that almost everywhere, you look at prices in the news, price wars anything like that you can always apply it to the real world.

James, Senior Lecturer: When we are delivering our courses we try and think of relevant and up to date examples that relate to the real world so students can see the clear links between the academic content of the course and the real life experiences.

Manal: A lot of the lecturers are really experienced they are not just talking out of a text book, they have actually got interest in what they are talking about.

Charlotte, Economics: …he'd obviously done a lot of work around the area and he would constantly bring in what he had learnt and all his papers and make us understand farther than just the text book.

Peter:'s talking about developing economics and our lecturer for that has travelled the world and he has consulted to all these governments…

Andrew, Senior Lecturer - Its good that people who are engaged in research are teaching people even at the first year level so its not that we've got professors off in place that you never meet when you are a student you get to meet everybody at some point.

Peter: …and he can tell you first hand that these may effect developing countries for example I saw this happen when I was in Kosovo or when I was in Africa, that's really amazing because it just brings it to life.

James, Senior Lecturer: It's a pleasure to be able to have a research area that's of interest and to then be able to teach the students about the things which are of particular interest to the academic staff and to me personally.

Liam: It has been very interesting studying economics, has been at times challenging, but I think you need that.

Charlotte: …interesting, topical…

Manal: …dynamic, challenging…

Peter: Relevant, exciting and constantly changing.

Manal: …interesting.

Mansur: …exciting challenging and definitely rewarding.

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