Transcript - Courses designed for successful careers

Tom & Ben (business): I think that there is a huge choice of different modules, you can specialise more and more over the years.

Charlotte & Mary (marketing): Although we're specialised, you are getting a taste of the other areas of business.

Paul (business): The seminars are the best way to get involved, its easy to talk to the tutor and get information out of them as well as speaking to your piers about what your feelings are as well.

Eliza (international business): In lectures and tutorials you feel that people want you to speak out.

Tom & Ben: You talk, you discuss and you debate.

Ines (marketing): we always had very fun groups where we just pushed one another to get into a conversation and just debate about a certain subject.

Xia (accounting and finance): It's really really practical.

Ines: We had a lot of case studies which we could relate to and which we could research and put our own input into.

Sarah Mackie (undergraduate scheme co-ordinator): We are seeking to develop a good mix in between the academic and also to develop the employability skills that employers are seeking.

Tom & Ben: My second year was economic integration into Europe - is applying everything I hear about the European Union and actually seeing why it is like that, how the whole system works which I found really beneficial to understanding what's going on in the country at the moment.

Laila: The lecturers really do bring their experiences from working previously in large or small corporations.

Abbey: They've done a lot of work so it's quite useful when you've got people with such experience and you can draw on that.

Laila: They are constantly applying the theory that they are teaching to what they have experienced in their own businesses.

Jemma (international business): I think the best example I had was a lecturer - he only worked one day in the week at university and other than that he was a business man, so he always had a lot of extra input.

Charlotte & Mary: so you get a better idea of how things would work in the real world

Jemma: he was really really good, and he brought everything to life and he used to make it really fun.

Tom & Ben: I couldn't have been happier with the module choices that I've been offered.

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