Transcript - Choose your own path

Students and staff talk about the structure of the economics awards and how you can tailor them to your own needs and interests.

Charlotte, Economics: The structure has been really good, so easy to follow.

Mansur, Economics: …first year modules carry on to the second year and third year modules depend on the second year so it's a kind of ongoing flow really well structured I'd say.

Manal, International Business Economics: It is obviously broken down into different modules so you can structure it as well, so it not just you have to take this you have to take that you get to choose your own path so you vary it to what suits you, what suits you best really.

Liam, Business and Economics: Very well laid out. You can choose what path you wish to take.

Manal: There's a huge range of option modules available which gives you a really good choice when choosing your modules.

Charlotte: you can go in loads of different directions.

Peter, Economics: there's a lot of flexibility. For instance I found I was v interested in developing countries which I didn't realise I was in the first year but because of that first year where they give you a little bit of everything it really gives you an opportunity later to focus more in on it and I think that's a very good thing.

Andrew, Senior Lecturer: You start off with basic skills in the first year and then you build up getting more and more specialised in the second yr and in the third year you finally get to apply the theory and knowledge that you have built up in the first two years capping it off with an economics project where you get to do some really concentrated work on a topic that you are interested in.

Charlotte: The research project is really good, you can look at whatever you want, so many different topics that people are doing and the help that we got is amazing.

Peter: I just had the freedom to choose whatever area I really enjoyed.

Liam: I have chosen environmental economics…

Peter: I did a placement year last year and I was with the tax office so I was able to bring that experience into my university life and really found an interest for it

Manal: I am doing an evaluation of why Costa Rica has become dependent on the exporting of bananas, so looking at a developing country, looking at their economy, how they are sustaining this, is it going to be sustainable in the future…

Mansur: …oil in the Nigerian economy and whether it has had a positive or a negative impact on the economy.

Manal: looking at multinational corps that are exporting out of Costa Rica and into America and into the rest of the world so there are loads of different angles I can go at and incorporate all diff modules I studied over the years.

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