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Support students and graduates

As a member of the alumni network there are many opportunities in which you can get involved and support UWE Bristol students and graduates, most of which are listed below. If you are interested in any of the below options, please indicate which via the update your details web page.

Supporting the Career Development of UWE Bristol students through:

Career Mentoring: are you able to spare some time to share your professional experience and expertise with a student as part of our Graduate Futures Diversity Programme?

Sharing your career story so far: through the profile questionnaire.

Contributing to Careers and Employability events: such as having a stand at careers fairs, taking part in Speakers Corner, or sitting on a judging panel at degree shows.

Running skills workshops: such as “How to perform well at interview” and “How to write a CV that stands out”.


Register your interest via the Update your Details web page.

Offering opportunities to UWE Bristol students through:

Graduate recruitment: by advertising vacancies through UWE Bristol infoHub, and/or visiting campus. Graduate jobs registered at UWE Bristol are also shared with other universities in the south west of England. For more information, visit the Recruitment Services webpage.

Internships: either as part of a UWE Bristol-funded internship scheme or fully funded by the employer (usually around 8–10 weeks for both undergraduates and graduates).

Placements: this could involve anything from a short placement linked to a module (eg six weeks) through to 12-month placements as part of a sandwich course.

Work experience: a short opportunity linked to students' career interests, which is a great opportunity to give a student experience in your sector.

Work shadowing: a short (usually 1–2 week) unpaid opportunity for students to gain insight into an organisation and a particular role, which is normally linked to our Graduate Futures Diversity Programme.


Register your interest via the Update your details web page.

Providing curriculum support to UWE Bristol students by:

Helping to assess presentations/posters: to provide constructive feedback to students on performance and ability to meet assessment criteria in conjunction with academic staff.

Advising on curriculum content: to offer industry specific advice.

Contributing to a debate/panel event: on a topical issue/concept that will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum.

Joining an employer panel: to come together with other industry experts and offer constructive feedback on the design and structure of specific programmes.

Hosting field trips/visits: to allow students to gain specialist knowledge linked to your organisation and apply this to the curriculum.

Providing case studies on your organisation: to give students ‘real world’ examples and material to learn from.

Pitching/Dragon’s Den events: to provide constructive feedback to students on performance and ability to meet assessment criteria in conjunction with academic staff, usually in the context of a business idea.

Guest speaking/lecturing: to support students understanding of a particular topic and to enhance learning.

Providing live tasks/projects for students: as part of a community project, a consultancy task or as part of an assessment.


Register your interest via the Update your details web page.

You may also be interested in giving back to UWE Bristol:

Offering donation(s) to support UWE Bristol: Scholarships, bursaries and prizes, UWE Research, Better Together Fund, UWE Music and UWE Community.

Remembering UWE Bristol in your will

Share your story with UWE Bristol and alumni:

Being profiled: for the alumni website and/or other publicity material.

You may already be supporting the University. If so, please tell us about it by emailing the Alumni team.

Make a difference to international students and alumni:

If you were an international student or are now based abroad, you can help others who are thinking about studying at UWE Bristol or who are currently undertaking studies with us. Your support will be invaluable and will help break down the barriers and challenges that an international student faces when they come to study in the UK.

Furthermore, you can be part of an international UWE Bristol alumni network which can help and support new graduates who move to your local area, as well as keeping in touch with and networking with local UWE Bristol alumni.

For more information about this please email the Alumni team or go to the UWE Bristol international alumni network.

The Students' Union clubs and societies

Contribute to your favourite club or society after you graduate: UWE Bristol alumni can financially support The Students' Union at UWE Bristol clubs or societies or can volunteer and get involved with their activities or events.

Join The Students' Union clubs/societies: As a member of the UWE Bristol alumni network, you are eligible to join for only 1.5 times the student membership fee (except the Sub Aqua club).

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