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I miss Bristol

To illustrate how fantastic Bristol is we've put together some recollections from alumni who have moved on.

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Name Graduated What I miss most about Bristol is...
Doyinsola Folayan 2013 I miss The Hive and seeing everyone rush to submit their coursework. I miss the Core24 jacket potatoes with shrimp/mayo and tuna filling...and a pint of Sprite!
Jian Cui 2013 Bristol has been a home place to me and Bristol has made me me. I miss my family, friends and UWE. It was my best 3 years.
Said Ascar 2012 Never thought I would say this but I think the years have blurred my memory of exams and coursework.
All the people that I have lost touch with since graduation. I am definitely thinking of coming back to study a masters next year.
Andre Taylor 2012 Good old Bristol! A great place with great memories! I will miss student life at UWE!
Mahima Khurana 2011 The crazy nights out, the kebab vans, Frenchay and St Matts campuses and just generally, the people!
Paul Ruban Raj Eugin Francis 2011 Christmas in Bristol, amazing people, the diversity in culture, the beauty of the city, the friends I made. Glad I made the right choice in selecting UWE for my studies.
Richard Akplotsyi 2011

I miss Bristol so much especially the night life in the city centre. The buses are very much on time and shopping is made easy. As for the learning experience at UWE, it's excellent and I am proud to have chosen to study at UWE.

Aretha Almeida 2011 I had the most amazing time in my life while living in Bristol and studying at UWE. I used to say "I am not gonna miss Bristol at all" but after 6 months out of this environment I felt something was missing. I miss Bristol so much.
Yusuph Achayo 2011 The nights out, kebab vans, UWE campus environment. I miss the Gospel Choir at UWE. Best Time of my life. The three years at UWE will always be the best time of my life.
Jerince Peter Jeyasingh Ponraj 2011 I miss everything about Bristol. The snowy winter, the U-Link bus, the variety of restaurants, my fellow scholars and most of all the multicultural environment.
Winne Cadete 2011 I miss the teachers, the people and playing Basketball at Uni. I really miss the Farmers Market as well... I miss Bristol!
James Jatau 2011 I miss the horrible weather, late buses, shopping at Broadmead, clubbing at Oceana and the wonderful friends I met while in Bristol.
Mohammad Ershad 2010 I was impressed to observe that the BPTC at UWE is an internationally recognised standard of excellence. I am proud that a wide variety of people study at UWE across the globe.
Momodou Bah 2010 I miss Bristol Business School and the wonderful lecturers they have.
Olufunmilola Olaleye 2010 friends, Sunday roast dinner; the lovely attendants at Greggs on Fishponds road; the elderly Ulink driver who was always ready to make students' day beautiful with his lovely smile; Filton Avenue, where I lived for almost two years, shopping at Cabot Circus and Cribbs Causeway till late...those days were simply yummy.


Name Graduated What I miss most about Bristol is...
Truc Thanh Quach 2009 The nice walks and spring daffodils.
Aderonmu Zainab Akinlolu 2009 The relationship between teachers and their students. How effective lecture seminars were and group reading with fellow peers. I truly miss UWE... oh, and the fun times at Core24 :-)
Ata Al Shra'ah 2009 I miss the family atmosphere of the Research Centre... Bristol environment.
Thai Binh Tran 2009 I miss the helpfulness and friendliness of my tutors at UWE. The tutors helped me overcome homesick feelings when I was in Bristol for the first time. Since returning to my home country, I miss UWE's atmosphere and the nice people I met. I am very much looking forward to visiting Bristol again soon.
Akilu Sayibu 2009 The different people from different countries. The city centre and all my friends at Royal Mail and the BBC on Whiteladies Road. I miss my lecturers as well and would like to return one day!
Amine Jaidi 2009 I miss Bristol because I have spent one of the best years of my life while being a student. I have also made some amazing lifetime friends and together we had the best time ever. Being a student has never been so enjoyable and working in industry has boosted my career immensely. I am very grateful to all the people who work at UWE for giving me such an opportunity. I would love to get the chance to visit sometime soon.
Dongxia Zhang 2008 The beautiful campus, the nice people and my dear tutor!
Waqar Ahmad Khan 2008 Well there's a lot to be missed about Bristol... such a dynamic and vibrant city to live in. I still miss my early morning walks from Cotsworld Court to the BBS to catch up for the first lecture. Of course the accommodation at Frenchay was great and convenient since it was only a 5 minute walk to the main campus. The faculty at BBS was friendly, which made learning very easy. I am now working back here in my country Pakistan within a Government department as a Liaison Officer. Whenever I get the time I will definitely visit bristol again to recall those memories.
Resego Keipidile 2008 I miss the great times we had at Q Block, the great night life in Bristol and the friendly lecturers. UWE was a great university and the resources were readily available for the completion of my studies.
Punitha Panu 2008 I miss UWE terribly especially the 24hrs computer lab, lecturers,and also all the sweet memories with collegues where we use to walk to early classes in the cold winter!
Lucy Gotheridge 2008 The people that I know mainly, other than this though I miss the shops on Gloucester road and the graffiti/ street art in and around St Pauls. No other city seems to have the acceptance of graffiti that Bristol has, it makes for a colourful and somehow friendly looking city.
Tamsyn Jefferson 2008 First and most, I miss my friends (most of whom still live there). Secondly, the drum&bass music scene that just isn't the same where I live now! I am hoping to move back and get a teaching job in a couple of months though!
Siah Sy Jen 2008 The Church of St. Mary-on-the-Quay for its simple and beautiful design and the mix of friendly people from all over the world. I love the sea port as well, the beautiful sea view and I really miss my sunday morning walk beside it. I MISS BRISTOL
Luis Cossio 2007 I miss being a student, the Frenchay campus, the warm fellowship, sometimes with money restrictions, but we all were full of hope.
Scott Ellis 2007 I loved the friendly people, the great experience of visiting England.  The time both in and out of class were exhilarating, culture and fun.  Best program I have ever attended.
Lee Ek Thai 2007 The nice & friendly people, the close-knit neighbourhood, the historical sights situated right in the midst of the bustle of a vibrant city centre. Gosh I miss my time at Bristol!
Matthew Conway 2007 I miss the nightlife; Bristol has one of the best nightlife scenes for any uni student, there's always a party to be found any night of the week, and there's so much diversity on the nights available, from glamourous RnB clubs to dirty DnB clubs Bristol has it all.
Lamiae Oudrhir 2007 The buses that come late! :) Uni, Ashley Down Road, Gloucester Road, Tesco and their Trip Choc Cookies ;)... DBK and OA!!!
Raphael Kent 2007 Park Street - I lived there for two years. My Uni friends and Lecturers. Arnolfini & Watershed. Clifton Suspension Bridge and playing football on the Downs!
Richard Gilbert 2007 The abundance of all the different things to do in Bristol
Paddy Mwangi 2006 The UWE BUSES! Yes! You may be thinking "Who the heck would miss a university bus?" but ever since I got back to my home country Kenya and compared the local bus service with UWE's, it brings nostalgic memories of waiting for a bus that actually arrives on time (unlike buses in Nairobi City), the bus driver actually has the courtesy of saying "Hello" when you board (you get an evil grin from the ones here) and they actually DRIVE the bus, not fly down highways!! Long live the UWE BUS SYSTEM! We here in Kenya could learn a lot from you!
Mary Roditi 2006 What I miss most about Bristol? First of all the people always so nice and charming and so much in love with their city. I miss the mood of the streets, the boats and the canals, the amazingly beautiful countryside all around, the wind and the rain. I also certainly miss the UWE, the tutors and all my friends. Thinking about it I actually miss everything.
Anna Bennett 2006 Being a Londoner born and bred I thought no city would ever compare, but Bristol absolutely stole my heart! It's so beautiful and full of great things to do. A perfect city to live or be a student in. I miss Gloucester Rd on a busy saturday and the waterfront on a sunny afternoon!
Arif Kidwai 2006 Lively, vibrant and one of the most happening cities. Having two well renowned universities. Night life is really great with lots of clubs and pubs. The city has a variety of good food to offer as well.
Abby Bartlett 2006 Nights out with the girls, I don't think I could handle them now to be honest but back then I couldn't have lived without them!
Jacqueline Partridge 2006 Spending summers sitting outside by the water drinking chilled cider. Going to the theatre, the hot air balloon fiesta and Harbour festival!
Suzanne Breakwell 2006 My mates, and our nights out... getting the cheap champagne from dj's at reflex. and not having to work night shifts!!!
Ahmad Darwish 2006 I miss the nice people over there ...also Park street!!!!
David Eason 2006 The variety of great local music when you look for it and how down to earth people are there. There's a great mix of culture and people & some great things to see & do.
Mark Williams 2006 Getting lost trying to find the Thekla on a Saturday night!
Sian Thomas 2006 The nightlife and the diversity
Mohamed Ramadan 2006 First and foremost, I miss my friends (most of whom still live there). I move back and get a teaching job in a couple of months though!
Modupe Aina 2006 I miss Frenchay campus, the rush to submit coursework, the No. 70 bus to UWE that was usually late and then 3 of them would come at once! I miss the friends I made, the tutors especially Prof. Elena Blanco and shopping at Cribbs Causeway. Hope to visit soon.
Laura Thomas 2005 1. Uni....Never thought I would say that but I think the years have blurred my memory of exams and coursework. 2. All the people that I have lost touch with since graduation.
Kate Ellinor 2005 Familiarity, open spaces, walking slower, Rocotillos milkshakes, magic roll, Boston Tea Party, Park Street, The Watershed, cheap rent, less stress, clean bogeys, clean air, the downs, the suspension bridge, darkness... the list goes on.....
Christiana Numico 2005 Bristol... I really miss this city! I miss everything of the time I lived there: the three month animation course at the Tobacco Factory (the first summer I arrived in 2003), the MA, which was very creative, and all the Teachers who were great people to work with! I miss all my friends that I met during that period, the yellow house where I was living in Southville and now that 7 years have passed I would like to go back and do this experience all over again!
Ahmad Junaidi 2005 I miss Carroll Court... I miss everything about UWE and Bristol.
Carlos Diego 2005 Sunday mornings at the Severn while doing a couple of hours of rowing and after enjoying a marvelous breakfast at the Mud Dock.
Grant Harvey 2004 Great friends and good times: Crunchie (Friday nights at Student Union), "chicken man" , Drink the Bar Dry, working 24 hours to get a group project finished, the Hollies and my flat mates...
Lilian Matsui 2004 I miss almost everything in Bristol, the weather, the bad buses, onion pasties,shopping at Tesco's, Sainsbury's, IKEA and Cribbs Mall (If anybody is interested in visiting Mexico please contact me). Cheers!!!
Stephen Aming'a 2004 The friendly library and teaching staff, the Univ. and Public courteous bus drivers, the well stocked library at Frenchay Campus and the social netwoks I made.  I also miss the dynamic weather. Currently I am in my home Country, Kenya working as Company Secretary fwith The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, Publishers. I long for a visit to Frenchay for another study tour and  meeting with friends like Professor James Holland and Dr. Peter Billings  
Pat Ncube 2004 I met a lot of peolpe who became friends, getting on that small bus to Glenside campus daily.
Michail Papoutsidakis 2004 My 12+hours working in UWE Labs, waiting for UWE 70 bus in the rain, shopping at Broadmead, Saturday nights at Park St,. my well organized life in Bristol, and so many more...
Folake Adegoke (nee Sunmboye) 2003 I miss all the friends I made while studing at UWE, the annual balloon festival, the bonfire nights, the mall at Cribbs Causeway, the scenery of Bristol city in general. I miss it so much, I visited in 2007! Thinking of going back again soon!
Abhinav Chauhan 2001 Frenchay Campus, 101 Chesterfield Road, the City Centre. What else? Well I would say EVERYTHING.
Pei San Lin 2000 After 13 years since I graduated, UWE still brings lots of memories. It has made me who I am today. I love campus life and all those who had put effort in helping me succeeded in my studies and career.


Name Graduated What I miss most about Bristol is...
Pierre-Yves Boulic 1998 Everything... Spirit, freedom, good relationship, 12 years ago....
Lai Yee Chan 1997 I miss the days when I studied in UWE, all the people, room mates, teachers were so nice to me. The school was also very helpful when I was in need. Of course, the student atmosphere is excellent. It's one of my dreams to study in UWE again.
Mark Thompson 1996 I miss the vibrant campus community. We worked hard, and we played hard. Although I thought the deadlines for submitting assignments were always too short, I would have loved to stay longer in the UWE setting.
Ahmad Nor Noorfazliyaton 1996 Everything about UWE and Bristol itself! There were so many fond memories, I hope to be back for a visit in 2013.
Izza Iskandar 1995 I miss everything about Bristol, I miss Carroll Court, miss friends that I have lost contact with, and miss the donuts in Broadmead.
Bradley Cox 1995 Watching the aircraft movements at Filton Airfield from the top floor (engineering department). That and the local ale!
Dafydd Eveleigh 1995 The friendly people, the friends I made, student voluntary activities,  the city and the campus. Cracking days they were.
Philip Lim 1994 What I miss about Bristol is the fun social and sports activities run by the UWESU. Including my own Tai Chi club!
Vinod Mahtani 1993 Papillons on a Tuesday, The Boiler Room, walks on The Downs, The Cresta Run, Long island ice teas at Henry Africa's, chips & garlic mayo!
Francesca Hedges (nee Davies) 1993 The fun night life. Everything was so exciting back then!


Name Graduated What I miss most about Bristol is...
Phil Maud 1989 I met some of the best people I have ever met, and I wish I had stayed in touch.
Steve Ault 1988 St Matts, the Dugout, Unity Street disco, Nicosia by Night, living in St Andrews and Gloucester Road - and of course the stress free environment of being a student when you could live on £2K a year and still have enough money for beer.
Noor Haslinda Baharom 1987 I miss Bristol as a whole particularly the colourful university's life, the helpful citizens, the buses, the shopping complexes, the cold winter, the warm sunny breezy summer and the blooming flowers... really felt at home!!
Caroline Power (nee Amphlett) 1986 I miss the lovely campus at St Matthias and the nightlife - especially the Dugout Club.
Liz Campbell 1984 The community spirit/politics & of course the nightlife (Dugout/Bastille/49/Oasis).
Ikechukwu Charles Eke 1984 I miss Bristol at Christmas, the annual water regatta and the atmosphere at Meridian Hall at Clifton where I resided as a student.
Brian Hillier 1982 Riding around Bristol on a bicycle and meeting the friendly people of Bristol. In Australia people do not have time for a simple g'day as they do in Bristol.
Lesley Wilde 1981 Cider in the Coronation Tap, Clifton, dancing in The Dug Out and growing up! Fabulous Bristol friends are still my closest. St Matthias = happy days!
Anne Craig 1980 The feel of being in a town while actually being in a city; Coronation Tap; my peers; my non uni friends; Full Moon/Eclipse pub, skittles and deaf dart teams; scenery... my youth... everything!

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