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Alumni FAQs

Graduate students

Answers to some of the most popular questions we are asked by alumni.

What is an alumnus or alumna?

An alumnus is a male graduate or former student and an alumna is a female graduate or former student. “Alumni” is the plural referring to graduates of both sexes. You automatically become a member of the UWE Alumni Network when you complete a course or programme with UWE. We don’t use the term graduate as not all UWE alumni are graduates.

How can I obtain a copy of my award certificate?

If your original award certificate has been lost or damaged, you can apply for a replacement award certificate.

Please note that there is a certificate replacement fee.

How can I obtain a copy of my transcript/certificate of credit?

If you require a copy of your transcript/certificate of credit, you can apply via Academic Services. See information on how to apply for a duplicate transcript/certificate of credit.

How can I obtain an academic reference?

Graduated within 5 years

In the first instance, you should contact your personal tutor. E-mail the relevant Academic directly, requesting the reference (it is good practice to include some details of your time at UWE to remind them who you are). If you're unsure who to contact, current programme leaders can be contacted via the UWE courses database.

Find out more on applying for academic verifications, references and letters from the University.

Graduated more than 5 years ago

UWE cannot provide academic references for alumni who graduated more than 5 years ago. However, we are able to provide you with a verification letter. Please see our Other types of certificates web page for further guidance.

How can I get careers advice?

UWE alumni who left within the last three years can access all services offered by UWE Careers free of charge.  UWE alumni who graduated more than three years ago are entitled to a 50% discount for career coaching through the UWE Careers ProfessionalPlus service. Please see the UWE Careers webpage for further details.

You can also access our web-based mynetwork directory to learn about different careers from the perspective of UWE alumni, develop contacts within specific industries and discover new job opportunities. Go to the mynetwork page for more information and to register for a password.

How do I get in touch with my friends from UWE?

Go to the Find Your Friends page and provide us with as much information as possible. If we've got a current address for them, we'll let them know that you're trying to contact them. Due to the Data Protection Act (1998) we are unable to divulge any addresses directly to a third party.

I'd like to organise a reunion: can you help?

We can advise you on arranging a venue, mailing lists and accommodation. If you've got an idea for a reunion let us know and we’ll try to help. Go to the Reunions page for more information.

I'm an employer, how do I get a reference or confirmation of a student's achievement?

To obtain a reference or confirmation that a job applicant has completed a course at UWE, you should put your request in writing to the Student Information Request Team via email: Your request should include the name of the award claimed together with the year of completion, plus the full name of the student at time of study and their date of birth. Please note that you must obtain written consent from the job applicant.

I'm an employer, how can I advertise job vacancies to UWE alumni?

Advertise jobs, placements, work experience, internships and volunteering opportunities for students and graduates with our free online system, UWE infoHub. Graduate jobs registered at UWE are also shared with other universities in the South West of England.  For more information, visit our Recruitment Services webpage.

How long can I access my UWE accounts for, after I leave?

MyUWE account access

Access to your myUWE account closes 42 days after you achieve your award (the date that is recorded on the student records system). After that time, you can continue to access your UWE Live mail through the email system 'Office 365'. This can be accessed through the Live mail link.

UWE Live e-mail account access

Log in with your UWE user ID and UWE network password. You have access to your Live mail account for 12 months after you achieve your award, and will be notified before the account is due to close.

RefWorks (students)

Your alumni status allows you free lifetime access to your references for as long as UWE has a subscription to RefWorks. For details on how to access the alumni area of RefWorks please use the 'ask a librarian' link on the library website.

RefWorks (staff)

If you are retiring from UWE you will get free lifetime access to your references for as long as UWE has a subscription to RefWorks. If you are leaving UWE to work for another employer, you will lose access to your RefWorks account. However, you can create a backup copy of your references before you leave which you can then upload to any subsequent reference management software that you use.

Page last updated 6 January 2016

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