Jonathan Chenery and Duncan Roe - alumni profile

Same birthday

Jonathan Chenery and Duncan RoeIt all started on 1 May 1974 when Jonathan Chenery and Duncan Roe were born. Forty years later they now run Beltane Asset Management, a real estate company with over £200m of equity under management.

Jonathan and Duncan’s friendship was cemented in 1993 at UWE Bristol. They both graduated in 1996 with degrees in Valuation and Estate Management, which was to prove the start of great things.

Getting experience

Both of them built up a breadth of experience in the property arena, working for large agents such as Strutt & Parker and Gerald Eve. After eight years working for agents, Duncan decided to follow his entrepreneurial instincts and go it alone: "I borrowed money left, right and centre and built up a portfolio". He describes how this period of his career gave him "experience of borrowing money, with some of those investments going well and some going not so well".  Meanwhile, Jonathan had decided to head in a similar direction and began working for a private family office in Mayfair.  Both men describe these periods in their lives as "formative and invaluable in shaping the business we have today".

Staying in touch

Jonathan and Duncan’s friendship has stood the test of time and in 2010, 14 years after they left UWE Bristol, they established their own business. Roe reflects that "we found the first opportunity and then worked out that we needed a business name. It was on the back of that deal that the business was set up". Soon after, they bought their first 30,000 sq ft building for £9.9m, selling it in 2012 for £18.5m. Things have gone from strength to strength since then and the duo are now breaking into new residential and hotel markets. They pride themselves on the quality of the finish in their buildings and are beyond thorough when it comes to snagging lists. Jonathan recalls getting down on his hands and knees with baby wipes to get the shoe polish off the floor!

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