Maryam Malik - alumna profile

It takes an outstanding student to complete the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). Maryam Malik, a UWE Bristol BPTC student from Pakistan, has stood out even further than the rest to win the prestigious Lincoln’s Inn’s Joan Denning Prize.

Taking the next step

Maryam Malik

It can be hard to decide what comes after graduation, but since she was just 13 years old, Maryam knew she wanted to become a barrister. So, after graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London's external program, the BPTC was the next logical step - and UWE Bristol was the perfect choice: 

“One of the main things that attracted me to UWE Bristol was the testimony of my friends who had previously studied there, either on the same course or for LLB. I heard such wonderful things about the administration, the faculty and the university in general, that I felt I would be losing out if I did not study there. Another plus point is the course fees. If I am not mistaken, UWE offers the BPTC at a very affordable price and I definitely got my money's worth.”

Seizing opportunities

Despite describing her time here at UWE Bristol as a “rollercoaster” because of the sometimes stressful nature of the BPTC, Maryam says her experience studying here was “amazing nonetheless”. This, she explains, is down to the support offered to her and her classmates by the faculty:

“I am in love with each and every single one of the tutors we had this year. They have trained us in an exceptional way and I felt extremely happy to have been a part of the BPTC cohort. The faculty was extremely accommodating towards all our needs and requirements.”

Maryam’s experience probably sounds familiar: rushing to morning lectures on just a quick coffee, studying well into the evening, and spending weekends in the library. She also managed to squeeze in mooting and advocacy competitions — making the most of the facilities and support at UWE Bristol to develop her advocacy, conferencing and drafting skills.

And, having been recognised for her outstanding achievement by Lincoln’s Inn, it’s clearly paid off.

Hope for the future

The BPTC has enabled Maryam to become a barrister, and she plans to practice law in her home country of Pakistan. There, barristers are in demand with both law firms and clients, so Maryam’s studies here at UWE Bristol have significantly enhanced her career plans. But the impacts on Maryam’s future don’t end there:

“I have acquired a set of skills that not everyone has. And, my experience has made a positive impact on my personality and on the way I project myself to the world.”

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