Louise Goux-Wirth - alumna profile

Louise graduated with a BA (Hons) in Education Studies in 2011 and, since graduating, has been busy devoting her time to making a difference to students, local and global communities.

Making an impact

Louise Goux-Wirth Louise has been the Vice President of Community Welfare at UWE Bristol’s Students’ Union for two years, championing equality and diversity, community engagement and student welfare. “I have led a strong mental health campaign, and engaged both UWE Bristol and UWE Bristol Students’ Union to sign up to the ‘Time To Change’ pledge, showing their public commitment to challenging mental health discrimination. This has lead to recognition of best practice, both locally and nationally.”

She has not only made an impressive impact on the University but has also spent time volunteering with Time To Change, a charity that works to challenge mental health discrimination and NUS Black Students Campaign, where she has spoken at conferences and events across the UK. Being the Vice President of Community Welfare at UWE Bristol enabled Louise to help other students grow in confidence, inspiring them to run in students’ elections and get involved with local communities, which is something that the Students’ Union encourages. Louise says, “UWE Bristol’s Students’ Union is so proud of its strong and diverse student community and works hard ensure that students have many ways to get involved and make their time at university a truly unforgettable and amazing experience”.

Wise words

Louise reflects on how UWE Bristol has influenced her journey: “UWE Bristol has given me so much more than a degree qualification; it has given me the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities, all of which have played a crucial part in developing me as a person”.

Like anyone else, Louise has had her fair share of moments of self-doubt, and found that overcoming those moments made her a better person – becoming more assertive and self-confident. “Don’t be afraid to get involved in new things”, Louise advises, “as you never know where it will take you. You don’t achieve great things overnight; it takes hard work, commitment and dedication. Stay focussed on your goals and do everything to get there”.

Olympic torchbearer

Louise’s achievements certainly make her stand out – she has been elected twice as the Vice President of Community and Welfare at UWE Bristol, and was nominated to carry the Olympic torch, because of her hard work, determination and commitment to UWE Bristol.

What next?

Louise will be spending three months volunteering in a Rwandan orphanage. Once an orphan in a Rwandan orphanage herself, Louise will be finding out more about her cultural heritage as well as giving something back to the country where she was born. Louise says, “I want to feel part of a community and it just seems fitting and right to go to work with children in an orphanage. I will be returning to a different orphanage to the one I lived in – I'm not even sure if that one still exists. This all fits well with my degree in Education Studies and I'm sure that much of what I have learned can be put to good use. I have organised my trip through a volunteering agency and have raised the money through fundraising”.

Louise hopes to then find a full time job working for a charity, either in the UK or abroad. With her wealth of experience, we’re sure that Louise would be an asset to any charity she wants to work for. Please see her blog for more information.

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