Biodiversity and ecology

Peacock Butterfly 

2020 strategy goal: University grounds managed as an integrated ecological system.

Through sustainable gardening and landscape planning, UWE is working to make the most of its green spaces. It aims to support biodiversity and the natural environment, whilst at the same time providing space for staff and students to enjoy, to use for studying and to grow vegetables fruit and herbs.

Supporting biodiversity

We are working to sustain the ecosystem at UWE through:

  • Increasing nectar rich planting such as lavender by 10 per cent annually
  • Increasing bird boxes and feeding stations, and recording diversity of birdsong on campus to measure changes in population
  • Increasing artificial habitat creation by 10 per cent annually
  • Increasing wildflower meadows by 10 per cent annually, involving a five year trial of different grasses grown from seed on site
  • Decreasing lawn mowing and increasing in-planting of wildlife friendly ornamental grasses instead

What you can do - enjoy, study, garden

  • Come on our monthly eco walks at Frenchay and discover a new world
  • Sit in the willow arbour by Mallard House - a great place to view wildlife
  • Join in work at the University vegetable garden at Frenchay, using a permaculture approach - E-mail for details
  • Come on the 'Love Glenside tree walk' or download the map and see the 'Trees at Glenside'  guide.
  • Get involved with wildflower surveys and data recording of bird-boxes - contact for details

Want to find out more? Talk to a member of the Sustainability team who will be happy to help.

Biodiversity Management Plan 2014 - 2020

We are developing a Biodiversity Management Plan with input from UWE academics, local wildlife trusts, local councils, residential and business neighbours and local schools. This will be available in Autumn 2014.

Don't feed campus geese

Dry bread can cause the geese to choke as they don't have the moisture in their gullets to swallow it.


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