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Conflict Zone Scholarship

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The Conflict Zone Bursary fund is a charitable project started by passionate UWE students who found themselves affected by violence in the Gaza strip.

The gift of opportunity

The Bursary gives the gift of opportunity to talented people from war-torn countries by awarding comprehensive scholarships to enable scholars to leave dangerous surroundings behind and travel to study at UWE.

"We aspire to champion the real people behind the politics who are in intolerable situations and experiencing unimaginable suffering. The Conflict Zone Bursary fund has been set up in order to offer these people a way out". UWE student and member of the Conflict Zone Bursary team.

Who has benefited so far

20 year old Ahmed Baraka from the war-torn Gaza Strip in Palestine, was awarded the Conflict Zone Bursary and started his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at UWE in September 2012.

Ahmed described the difficulties faced by young people studying in Gaza:

"There is often no light to study in the evenings. With no cooling fans homes are stiflingly hot and it is difficult to sleep. Lack of electricity affects studying and although there is reasonable food supply at the moment, there is often a shortage of gas for cooking."

Ahmed is enjoying the facilities at UWE and the companionship of fellow students. In the future, he would like to create a Technological and Scientific Research Centre in Gaza.

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