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Fitness to Study Policy

Students studying in the library

UWE is committed to supporting student wellbeing and believes that a positive approach to the management of physical and mental health issues is critical to student learning and academic achievement.

Principles of the Fitness to Study Policy

  • Take action to support those in distress or causing significant concerns and presenting a risk to themselves or others. This will include situations where students show visible signs of mental health difficulties, or emotional disorders that may have a negative impact on the health, safety, learning and wellbeing of the student and others.
  • Promote good working practices with students in difficulty or with impairments and provide guidance to ensure that problematic situations are managed sensitively and consistently.

When is the policy applicable

The Fitness to Study Policy would be applicable in the following instances:

  • Where a student has not engaged in studies for a significant period without an apparent reason.
  • There is concern about how a student might manage whilst on a placement, field trip, or studying abroad.
  • Where there are a number of worrisome third party reports regarding a student e.g. friends, flatmates or staff.

Download the Fitness to Study Policy.

Page last updated 11 August 2014

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