About the Finance and Planning Service

We help the University to realise best value in all its activities and in achieving long-term sustainability through strong financial leadership and sound governance. We lead financial planning and manage targets to ensure the University maintains a robust operation.

Our areas of responsibility

We are responsible for the efficient processing of financial transactions, production of financial statements and statistical returns to meet regulatory requirements. We also provide a range of analytical services and management information including Key Performance Indicators.

The Finance and Planning Service is managed by the Director of Finance and Planning, William Liew. The teams outlined below support William to deliver an efficient and customer-focused service.

Our teams

Financial Services

  • Income Office
    Responsible for the collection of all student-related debt and for some payments made by the University to both students and staff.
  • Faculty Finance
    Providing support for faculty staff with regards to financial advice and transaction processing.
  • Financial Accounts
    Responsible for the preparation of financial statements for the University and its subsidiaries, compliance with our financial regulations and procedures, and for all financial reporting to external organisations.

Management Accounts

  • Costing and Pricing
    Responsible for the financial assessment of externally funded projects including research, consultancy, teaching and learning, tenders and academic partnership projects. Also provides support to faculties relating to Post Award Finance.
  • Management Accounts - Services
    Responsible for financial reporting to management and acting as business partners for services to improve financial management at UWE.
  • Management Accounts - Faculties
    Responsible for financial reporting to management and acting as business partners for faculties to improve financial management at UWE.


  • Purchasing
    Providing guidance on where and how to buy to achieve best value for money when purchasing goods and services for the University.
  • Accounts Payable
    Responsible for payments to suppliers and the payment of expenses to external visitors to the University.

Finance Business Systems

Responsible for the maintenance and security, development and training of finance systems and associated applications, e.g. Agresso.

Planning and Business Intelligence

  • Planning
    Responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of the processes and systems by which the University monitors performance and distributes resources, for example student numbers, Workload Model, corporate and strategic planning. 
  • Business Intelligence
    Provision of analytical reporting to the Vice Chancellor’s senior management team, faculties and services to facilitate the achievement of the University’s strategic plan. This includes faculty and service scorecards, student application dashboards and information for external league tables.

Treasury and Compliance

Responsible for UWE's cash flow, bank accounts, investments and borrowings. We also process the University's card expenditure, and maintain our Delegation of Financial Authority.

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