Corporate Relations

Press briefing

The Corporate Relations Service is responsible for building the reputation of UWE Bristol to external stakeholders including the media, opinion formers, partners and collaborators, government lobbying groups and politicians as well as promoting the University in the community.

Its aim is to deliver an integrated plan for news and events based on the University’s 20:20 strategy and positioning.

Corporate Relations will be delivered by Media Relations and Corporate Events teams.

Media Relations

The UWE Media Relations team is the first point of contact for journalists and broadcasters seeking information about UWE. This includes requests for expertise, enquiries relating to news releases and requests for commentary on UWE Bristol and Higher Education issues.

Media enquiries are the top priority and will be dealt with swiftly.

See our press pages for further details.

Corporate Events

Find out how to promote events through the UWE website and how we can help support your event. See our corporate events pages for more details.


Contact details for teams within Corporate Relations.

UWE Bristol News on Twitter

Postal address

Corporate Relations
Wallscourt House
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol Business Park
Bristol, BS16 1EJ

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